La Dinette | Hand Crafted: Natural Macarons + More!

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Good afternoon ladies! It gives me a vast amount of pleasure to introduce to you one of my fabulous Want That Wedding sponsors, La Dinette. La Dinette is a macaron company that delivers fresh, natural [no yucky artificial ingredients] and incredibly pretty macarons straight to your front door.

Macarons make wonderful wedding favours don’t you think, and of course, you can choose any pretty colour to complement your wedding scheme. Yay!

The lady behind La Dinette is the rather lovely Claire Jury, here she gives us the low down on her marvelous macaron company.

La Dinette (noun)

– French word used to describe small crockery, kitchen utensils and furniture toys a child uses when   pretending to be a cook or serving afternoon tea to friends.

– light, “no fuss” meal

La Dinette | Hand Crafted: Natural Macarons + More!

As a kid in France, I was always playing “á la dinette” and baking all sorts of cakes with my older sister, and as I got older it became my dream to have my own Dinette.

La Dinette | Hand Crafted: Natural Macarons + More!

So, having moved to London I pursued my culinary passion by working for a French food importer that supplied the capital’s most prestigious restaurants. Meeting with top chefs and visiting their kitchens only fuelled my desire to earn my fortune (?!) cooking!

La Dinette | Hand Crafted: Natural Macarons + More!

Then, after training as a pastry chef at Le Cordon Bleu in London and working in a patisserie in Primrose Hill, la Dinette was born.

Initially only available from Queens Park’s London Farmers Market, and other select markets, la Dinette’s macarons are now available nationwide, delivered to your door, at the click of a button.

  La Dinette | Hand Crafted: Natural Macarons + More!

So there you have it, macarons make wonderful wedding favours, but they also make yummy gifts for members of your bridal party… Mother in laws that need buttering up, bridesmaids going into meltdown or perhaps just as an emergency treat for yourself when everyone is driving you nuts ;)

La Dinette’s macaroons start at around £2 each, but please do get in touch with Claire as prices vary depending on the quantities ordered.

image credits | lucy, my heart skipped

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