Original Vintage Real Wedding | Sunny Yellow & Cobalt Blue: Lizzy & Chris

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Recently, I’ve been having a total colour crush on cobalt blue! So when one of my favourite destination wedding photographers submitted this real wedding to me, I was immediately smitten. Chris and the lovely Lizzie planned a sunny yellow and cobalt blue wedding, with lots of vintage detailing.

Lizzie wore two wedding dresses, starting the day off in an original vintage wedding dress. She chose a vibrant cobalt blue for her lovely maids and together with the help of their families they had lots of handmade decor. With quirky details like robots, this is one real wedding you will love.

Words by Lizzie. Images by Joyeuse Photography.

L & C Wedding_047_lowres

This house has been in my family for 8 generations and almost 3 centuries, and it is where my grandfather grew up. We wanted to get married here because we love the history of the home built in 1735 and knew it would be the perfect backdrop for our vintage wedding.

L & C Wedding_057_lowres
L & C Wedding_042_lowres
L & C Wedding_058_lowres

The first time I saw this dress on etsy, I was smitten. It was unlike anything I had seen in bridal stores or seen anyone wear, and the 20s inspiration and lace was exactly what I had been looking for.

As with many things vintage, the best policy is to buy and figure out the rest later, since you never know if you’ll ever see the same thing again. After a few alterations, including puffy sleeves into gloves and bringing down the neckline, it was my dream dress.

L & C Wedding_056_lowres
L & C Wedding_002_lowres
L & C Wedding_055_lowres
L & C Wedding_037_lowres
L & C Wedding_039_lowres
L & C Wedding_059_lowres

Le Mariée styled my hair, which was absolutely amazing!!

L & C Wedding_012_lowres
L & C Wedding_013_lowres
L & C Wedding_017_lowres
L & C Wedding_014_lowres
L & C Wedding_015_lowres
L & C Wedding_048_lowres

Chris wanted a plain gold band like the one his father wears, and I found the perfect intricate diamond.

L & C Wedding_089_lowres

L & C Wedding_109_lowres
L & C Wedding_111_lowres
L & C Wedding_094_lowresL & C Wedding_102_lowres
L & C Wedding_114_lowres
L & C Wedding_134_lowres
L & C Wedding_128_lowres
L & C Wedding_137_lowres
L & C Wedding_166_lowres
L & C Wedding_140_lowresL & C Wedding_164_lowres
L & C Wedding_172_lowres
L & C Wedding_176_lowres
L & C Wedding_187_lowresL & C Wedding_193_lowresL & C Wedding_266_lowres
L & C Wedding_201_lowres
L & C Wedding_280_lowres

The groomsmen wore mismatching khaki suits.

L & C Wedding_306_lowresL & C Wedding_316_lowres

And the bridesmaids wore different designs of cotton poplin in admiral blue from eshakti.com. Their accessories were handmade by me using vintage yellow buttons!

L & C Wedding_321_lowres
L & C Wedding_336_lowres
L & C Wedding_314_lowres
L & C Wedding_344_lowres
L & C Wedding_352_lowres

I knew I wanted daffodils at our wedding, so we, will help from my parents planted 1000 bulbs to use in wedding arrangements. My mother and Great-Aunt used these blooms and other heirloom daffodils collected from neighbours and friends in arrangements.

Marion, a friend of the family, made the bouquets and arranged rose petals in an elaborate design down the aisles, which was a total surprise!

L & C Wedding_353_lowresL & C Wedding_366_lowres

L & C Wedding_384_lowres
L & C Wedding_356_lowres
L & C Wedding_372_lowres
L & C Wedding_348_lowres
L & C Wedding_386_lowres
L & C Wedding_396_lowresL & C Wedding_428_lowres

Our wedding photographer was Tahni from Joyeuese Photography – Tahni is an artistic genius, puts any nervousness at ease, and incorporates the most lovely light.

L & C Wedding_413_lowres

L & C Wedding_435_lowres
L & C Wedding_437_lowres
L & C Wedding_446_lowres
L & C Wedding_442_lowres
L & C Wedding_451_lowres
L & C Wedding_453_lowres
L & C Wedding_454_lowres
L & C Wedding_455_lowres
L & C Wedding_456_lowresL & C Wedding_458_lowres
L & C Wedding_457_lowres
L & C Wedding_459_lowres
L & C Wedding_461_lowres
L & C Wedding_466_lowres
L & C Wedding_465_lowres
L & C Wedding_471_lowres
L & C Wedding_470_lowres
L & C Wedding_481_lowres
L & C Wedding_488_lowres
L & C Wedding_474_lowres
L & C Wedding_478_lowres
L & C Wedding_476_lowres
L & C Wedding_487_lowres
L & C Wedding_527_lowres
L & C Wedding_477_lowres
L & C Wedding_472_lowres
L & C Wedding_491_lowres
L & C Wedding_473_lowresL & C Wedding_495_lowres
L & C Wedding_492_lowres
L & C Wedding_490_lowres
L & C Wedding_497_lowres
L & C Wedding_502_lowres
L & C Wedding_506_lowres
L & C Wedding_501_lowres
L & C Wedding_508_lowres
L & C Wedding_449_lowres
L & C Wedding_509_lowres
L & C Wedding_511_lowres
L & C Wedding_512_lowres
L & C Wedding_522_lowresL & C Wedding_519_lowres
L & C Wedding_528_lowres
L & C Wedding_526_lowres
L & C Wedding_520_lowres
L & C Wedding_524_lowres[/one_half_last]L & C Wedding_530_lowresL & C Wedding_539_lowresL & C Wedding_529_lowresL & C Wedding_541_lowres
L & C Wedding_551_lowres
L & C Wedding_549_lowres
L & C Wedding_545_lowres
L & C Wedding_552_lowres
L & C Wedding_556_lowres

I also wanted a party dress with lace and tulle and had some room left in my dress budget because of the great deal I found for my first dress. Liliya from Couture by LK designs is an enormously talented seamstress in Richmond, Virginia, and we worked through the design process together.

Although it was a little nerve-wracking to not know what the final product would be, it was so much fun choosing the materials and customizations. Once I learned the lace was from Lyon, where I lived while studying in France, I knew I had to go through the design process.

L & C Wedding_560_lowres

L & C Wedding_563_lowres
L & C Wedding_573_lowres
L & C Wedding_581_lowres
L & C Wedding_513_lowres
L & C Wedding_632_lowres
L & C Wedding_639_lowresL & C Wedding_610_lowres
L & C Wedding_619_lowres
L & C Wedding_625_lowres
L & C Wedding_630_lowres

How gorgeous is this lovely authentic vintage wedding? I love that the day was a real family affair!

If you’re considering purchasing an original vintage wedding dress from etsy for your big day, I think it’s such a fun idea to have a wedding party dress too!

Sunny yellow and cobalt blue makes such cheerful colour palette doesn’t it?

wedding credits / photographer: joyeuse photography lori nansi of le mariee’  / original vintage wedding dress: etsy

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