So you wanna be a wedding blogger?

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So you wanna be a wedding blogger?

So you wanna be a wedding blogger?

There has been a rather exciting development here at Want That Wedding! I have decided to open up my blog and start the search for a partner or partners even, in crime.

Yes, I’m looking for potential bloggers whose love for all things wedding related is palpable and who are interested in helping to grow and become part of the want that wedding brand and team.

What Do I need?

Passionate, stylish & fun individuals who can make regular, meaningful and inspirational contributions to the blog.


What do you need? (The basics)

A genuine interest and passion for weddings.

At leastΒ 10 spare hours per week.

A great command of the English language.

Computer literacy.

Creative flair.


Down to earth, fun and personable personality.


What’s on my skills wish list?

Experience in the following:

Writing skills, knowledge of word press, photoshop, social media, marketing, PR, running a business. Someone who is uber organised would be a god send.

what doesΒ the role entailed?

Ideas research, image sourcing and formatting, writing, networking, social media interaction, admin, attending events (where possible).


What I’m offering!

For novices, the chance to become part of the team, learning how to run a blog from the ground up, and for the more experienced candidate, the opportunity to help grow, shape and define the brand whilst also becoming an integral part of the blog.

So what now?

Ok, send me an email describing yourself, your situation and your passions in no more than a few paragraphs.


Give me a paragraph or two on what you feel you can bring / contribute to WTW.


Please send me your most badass photo, no pressure ;)


I would like you to give me the titles of two blog posts you feel will captivate the WTW audience and make them want to read more. Think this through, as a finalist you might be asked to produce the whole post.


Create an inspirational mood board using all your creative skills and then write a paragraph or two giving design and style advice to bridestobe using your ideas and concepts. Please add credits from where you found the images and who the photographer is.


Describe your most awesome dream wedding.


Ok. Phew. That’s it! I am so excited to receive your entries. The deadline is 16th November for applications (but feel free to still contact me after this date and I can see what is going on).


It’s all about the money, money, money!

For the winning candidates, I am expecting you to prove your commitment and that you’re the right fit for the blog. There will be an initial apprenticeship period, if you like, and then for the right person/s the opportunity to earn a percentage of the blogs income.

This role is suitable for candidates who already have a main source of income, but as the blog grows and develops it has the potential to become so much more.

So you wanna be a wedding blogger?


I really look forward to hearing from you. Please note finalists must be available for interview either in London or over Skype.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch :)))

Know anyone who might be suitable for this role? Let them know!!

image credit / the nest / my attic

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  • Alisha

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity! I cannot wait to put everything together and send it your way. I have just a couple of questions for you.

    1) Is there a specific date that you would like the application by?
    2) Can I post the inspiration mood board to my own blog and then send you the link? This way, I can get the formatting exactly right.

    Thanks so much for your opportunity! I absolutely LOVE your beautiful blog!

    • Sonia

      I have just sent you an email :)))

  • Dana

    i was really happy when you posted this, it’s such nice idea and a good chance for me to develop.
    question: can you, tell me, please, what is the deadline ?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend!

    • Sonia

      Hi Dana, the deadline is within a couple of weeks, so let’s say around the 16th November! Look forward to hearing from you :)) XxX

  • Milly

    Hi Sonia,

    Well this post made me excited! Can I ask a quick question? Are you accepting applicants who already have a wedding website/blog?

    Lots of wedding Love

    • Sonia

      Hi Milly, yes I would be opened to applicants from people who also have their own website or blog. I would however need the person to be committed to the WTW blog and all content would need to be exclusive to WTW.

      Pop me an email if you have any more questions :)) Sonia XxX (

  • Sharon

    Hi Sonia,
    Thanks so much for giving this opportunity – it has come along at a great time!
    Can I just ask will you accept applications from outside the UK?

    Thanks so much!
    Sharon x

    • Sonia

      Thanks for getting in touch Sharon, yes I am accepting applications from outside the UK :)) XxX

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