What the… is wedding insurance and why should I get it?

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What the... is wedding insurance and why should I get it?

Wedding insurance is not something an excited bride and groom in the throes of planning their dream wedding really cares to think about. I mean who doesn’t want to concentrate solely on the pretty and the emotional?

But what if something does go wrong? I’m not talking about a change of heart (as if) or anything like that. I’m talking about those unforeseen events that can sadly happen in life.

So what is wedding insurance and why should I get it?

Wedding insurance is your financial safety net! Purchasing a protection plan can safeguard you from the unthinkable happening and make sure you are financially reimbursed should (for example), one of your wedding suppliers go out of business and you need to source another at short notice and perhaps, at twice the cost!

People get ill. Companies go bust. Accidents unfortunately happen and the one thing you don’t want to do is spend your whole wedding planning journey worrying about the what if!

When should I purchase wedding insurance?

My advice would be to get a plan in place for your first big purchase. Perhaps the wedding venue or your dress.

Do I really need wedding insurance?

Check with all your wedding vendors what their insurance policies cover and how that would affect you as their customer. Remember that anything purchased on a credit card is normally automatically insured.

For peace of mind though, I would definitely recommend purchasing wedding insurance. Ensure you thoroughly discuss with your insurer and understand which areas of your wedding would (and should) be covered in the event of the unforeseen.

What the... is wedding insurance and why should I get it?

These days weddings can cost ridiculous amounts of money and the last thing you want in the run up to your big day is to be bogged down by the financial what ifs…

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