Elite Island Bridal Blogathon: What the What?

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Elite Island Bridal Blogathon What the What (13)

Elite Island Bridal Blogathon: What the What?

I want to tell you all about a super exciting project I’m so lucky to be involved in… Back in December 2014 I was feeling a little sorry for myself as it’d been a while since I’d had a holiday [over 3 whole years], I kept mentioning to Chris how wonderful it would be for us to get away, but unfortunately our finances just couldn’t stretch to it…

So it’s not highly surprising that by January I had a slight case of the post Christmas blues… all those sun and sand filled images of celebs on their exotic annual January hols were really starting to depress me… What happened next was a real bolt out of the blue! Sat on our sofa one evening still moaning about our lack of hols, my twitter account beeped. Halfheartedly, I looked to see who had tweeted and I could see a message from a PR company asking me to follow them, I sometimes get these requests and tend to ignore them, so it was a stroke of pure fate that I suddenly decided to follow!!

Immediately after the follow I received a direct message asking if I had received an email invite to join a bridal blogathon in the Caribbean… What the what! Email invite. Caribbean!?! Bridal blogathon??? Nooooo… 

Frantically trawling through my spam email I finally found the near-missed invite and excitedly tweeted back to the PR company explaining what had happened and of course I would love to be involved. Talk about nearly missing out!!

So what exactly is a bridal blogathon?

Well… it’s the sequel to the very successful January 2013 Barbados Blogathon & January 2014 Elite Island Hopathon.

Elite Island Bridal Blogathon What the What (4)

The Elite Island Bridal Blogathon will be:

A month long fun social media and blogger island hop project, showcasing weddings and honeymoon options at Elite Island Resorts on Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia, with Kuoni who are renowned and respected for their weddings and honeymoon services.

The 4 “Elite Island Bridal Bloggers” chosen all have our own Caribbean travel schedule and will overlap with each other to pass on the bridal beach blogathon bouquet [bbbb ;0)], swapping Caribbean stories over delicious cocktails and tweeting our experiences as we go along!

Elite Island Bridal Blogathon What the What (12)


April 30 – May 23 2015

Elite Island Bridal Blogathon What the What (9)


4 very lucky wedding bloggers indeed! They are…

Kelly from Boho Bride [Apr 30-May 7]

Kelly will arrive in St Lucia on April 30th and will then hop over to Antigua a few days later.

Louise from B.Loved [May 6-13 ]

Louise will arrive in Antigua on May 6th and will then hop over to Barbados a few days later.

Claire from Bridal Musings [May 10-18]

Claire will arrive in Barbados on May 10th and will then hop over to Antigua a few days later.

Sonia [moi] from Want That Wedding [May 16-23]

Chris and I will arrive in Antigua on May 16th and will then hop on over to St Lucia a few days later. Waaaaa!

Elite Island Bridal Blogathon What the What (15)

So get ready my lovelies to follow all of our crazy Caribbean shenanigans [ok perhaps not so crazy] by following us on twitter. We will be using the hashtag #bridalblogathon so you won’t miss a thing!

Oh and one more thing. Chris and I have decided to RENEW OUR WEDDING VOWS in Antigua [talk about super romantic] so I’ll keep you all posted and up-to-date with how that goes too.

Elite Island Bridal Blogathon What the What (6)

I seriously can’t wait to check out [and report back to you lovely lot] what it really is like to marry and honeymoon in the beautiful Caribbean. I shall be attending a few weddings too – so will get to see some real destination weddings – first hand. Tissues at the ready. I can’t waaait!

Don’t forget… do follow us on twitter and look out for the hashtag #bridalblogathon

Thanks to Kuoni and Elite Island resorts for hosting me so I could experience the incredible wedding and honeymoon options first hand and share my own thoughts on them with you as a bridal blogathoner!

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  • Susanne Gadegaard

    Oh Sonia, that sounds like it’s excactly what you need :)
    Can’t wait to follow <3

    • Sonia Collett

      Hey Susanne, this message was marked as spam = so I only just received it. Thanks for your comments and I can’t wait to tell you all about it and wear your stunning headpiece :)) XxX

  • Renate

    O my, this sounds so awesome (yes, I’m jealous)! I wish you a great time and an amazing renewal!

    • Sonia Collett

      Thanks so much Renate, fly out to the Caribbean and photographer it for me. hehe XxX

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