Pre-Wedding Sri Lanka Beach Engagement Shoot: Robi & Suni

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I’ve a totally gorgeous pre-wedding love shoot to share with you today, it features beautiful images by Claire Morgan Photography and the romantic story of  Suni & Robi.

Their engagement shoot was shot on a Sri Lankan beach…

Enjoy XxX


Suneesha’s recollection

It was Nuwan, my cousin’s brother, who I basically grew up with in Vienna, who introduced Robi to me for the first time in Wimbledon, UK back in the summer of 2008 when he and my brother came to visit me there.

I had known that Nuwan had a friend named Robi who also was the same Robi who already knew half my family (uncles, aunties, cousins and even my brother); however I had not even seen a picture of this mysterious guy until that day in Wimbledon.

We straight away clicked as if we had known each other for ages already and became close friends who’d talk about anything and everything with each other. Of course with me being in London and him living in Vienna, the distance and costly mobile rates only left us with communication options such as emails and the one and only great facebook! :-)

We would spend hours and hours each day writing to each other (please keep in mind that these were not love letters….it was just two friends writing about…non-sense really!) :-) That’s what all close friends do, right?!

It was on one of my visits to Vienna that Robi took me on a walk on the frozen Danube. I caught a terrible flu and it was Robi who took care of me and it was then that I truly realised the place he’s taken in my heart.

Since the beginning of our relationship, Robi and I have overcome every hurdle together and are continuing to make decisions together and build up our future. I am confident that no matter which issues I am faced with, as long as Robi is by my side, there is nothing we will not master.

To date not a day has gone by where Robi has not been there for me during my happy moments as well the sad and emotionally challenging moments. He is my best friend, soul mate and true love.


Robi’s recollection

It was August 2008 when I first met Suneesha at the Wimbledon Courtside Mall in London. I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law who had been living in the UK since a few months at the time and was excited to meet up with my best friend Nuwan who said he’d bring along his cousin sister who he was staying with during his holiday in the UK.

We straight away got along pretty well, and I liked her open, funny but also very innocent way. After coming back to Vienna, we started exchanging emails every day. First writing about random things, but with time sharing deeper thoughts with each other. Within the next two months we had become extremely good friends.

It was beginning of October, when she came for a visit to Vienna to celebrate Nuwan’s and my birthday. Since Nuwan and I would spend almost every evening together, she of course was part of the meet-ups. We would very often cook together and it was one of these evenings when I realised how comfortable and happy I was being around her and that she had become much more than just a friend for me.

After much thought I told Nuwan about it a month later. To my relief, he was supportive with the matter and told me he would be happy if things would work out for us. I moved to the UK knowing that this step would give us a chance and ever since I would not be able to even imagine spending a day without her.


The proposal

It was only through the sign at the airport boarding gate that Suni found out where their “4th year anniversary trip” was going to. Up until taking a seat at the gate she had been receiving photographs from Robi everyday for about two weeks as little clues as to where they’d be heading.

She of course completely on the wrong track had been thinking they’d be travelling to Croatia (oh how wrong she was!) and so you can imagine how greatly surprised she was to find out Robi is  taking her to FRANCE!!!

Having arrived in Nice the car rental place told them that they’ve been upgraded to a brand new white BMW convertible that arrived from Germany just that morning (km count was on zero!), because Robi had informed them beforehand that it would be their engagement trip (which they didn’t mention to Suni of course).

Robi of course was delighted and enjoyed every minute of the drive (even though they missed their highway exit a couple of times and got delayed) down to their  final destination: “La Croix Valmer”

Finally they arrived in La Croix Valmer (approx.100km south from Nice) at the “Chateau Valmer” which Suni had absolutely not expected. Having seen the surroundings, she thought she understood why Robi had been so secretive about the trip….everything was absolutely beautiful. But little did she know what was still to come.

After the receptionist had informed that the “Cabin” had been booked, Suni was already very curious to see the apparently romantic accommodation. The friendly receptionist took them along this path and even though still not seeing any apartment, she stopped at a little gate.

It was only once directly in front of the gate that Suni saw the ultimate surprise Robi could have ever given her… A Treehouse!!!

The gorgeous treehouse hidden so well that one would not even notice it from afar. Once one gets closer one can see the amazing structure and Suni was absolutely gob smacked and already really curious to see the inside of it.

At this point Suni could not believe that Robi had done all this for the anniversary and that he had gone through all the trouble of finding this precious place because treehouses had a special meaning to both of them.

After Robi and Suni quickly changed into some other clothes (Suni coincidentally chose to wear a light turquoise blue dress her mum had sent her with the upcoming special occasion in mind), they went on their way to the dinner reservation Robi had made for their 4th anniversary on 3rd May 2013.

A piece of paradise had been created here at the Chateau Valmer. The gorgeous path of palmtrees led straight from the chateau to the lovely sandy beach and endless blue sea. Robi and Suni walked along the beach whilst feeling the warm sand slip through their toes.

Robi surprised Suni with a romantic dinner at the Couleurs Jardin beach restaurant overlooking the sea during sunset. Enjoying delicious creations such as seafood tartar, mussels baked in cheese, garlic and herb infused calamari and scallops on a bed of lentils.



After having a wonderful dinner Robi suggested they walk back to the hotel along the beach with the view of the lit up city at night. Robi mentioned that he’d like to try out some night shots of the city as well. Suni thought to herself that it might be difficult as he did not bring his camera stand with him, however liked the idea of walking down the beach in this romantic setting.

What a great end it would be to the beautiful day she’s had..

Robi chooses a spot to take his night shots, however each picture ends up blurry. He sets a timer and hands over the camera to Suni asking if she’d be able to take a better shot. She takes on the challenge and stands there with the camera in her hand, holding really still…..and takes a picture…

Suni turns around to show Robi the picture she just shot, however Robi is nowhere to be seen (especially in the dark). Suddenly she sees something sparkling in the dark and as her eyes slowly adjust to the dark, she notices Robi in the sand…on one knee holding a sparkly ring!

Realising what is happening right now, Suni’s knees become all wobbly and her mind completely blacks out. She starts asking silly questions like “what is happening here? do you know what you are doing? Are you really sure?”. She does not hear Robi saying anything so she is unsure as to whether this is a joke. With her knees becoming weaker by the second, she asks Robi to stand up and hold her.

While Robi holds her he says “but you haven’t even said yes yet” and Suni says “well, you did not ask me anything”. Robi being quite confused at this point says “I asked you the question in German AND in English!”. Suni quite embarassed because it seems she did not hear him with the waves being so loud requested for him to ask her again…

Robi: “Will you marry me?”

Suni (her eyes filled with happy tears): “Yes, yes….a thousand times YES!”

Robi then puts the ring on Suni’s finger, however it is slightly too big…

Robi: “Oh, now that’s a fail!”

Suni: “No, it’s not. Just slip it on my middle finger. The ring is absolutely beautiful!”

And so it was done… Robi and Suni were engaged!

They then sat on a bench by the beach, looked out onto the sea while Robi told Suni the story of how he had planned this big day. Robi had gotten the stunning ring specially made for this day and had it engraved with “03.05. éternité” This day will undoubtedly stay in their memories forever.


Love is…


Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.


When reality and fantasy meet, the result is love.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful engagement shoot with the WTW wedding blog!

image credits / photography by claire morgan photography

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