5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

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5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

If you’re a gal that’s engaged and looking for an amazing and unique wedding venue to tie the knot in, you’ve certainly come to the right place. All brides want their wedding to stand out and be remembered in the minds of their guests – for all the right reasons. And as the venue plays such a huge part of every wedding day, it makes sense to ensure that your venue is one that’s unique and special to you and your loved one.

Having given this subject some thought, I’ve put together a compilation of some of the most unexpected, unique and amazing wedding venues that are out there – be warned, you will not see a standard church on this list!

1. A Private Beach

What’s most definitely a dream venue for beach lovers, a private beach is undoubtedly one of the most exotic and truly stunning backdrops for weddings. If you’re happiest on the beach with the sand between your toes and the warm sea breeze lightly blowing in your face, a private beach wedding setting will make you ecstatic. Private beaches are not that hard to come by, in fact, a quick Google search will provide you with plenty of different options to choose from.

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

2. A Glamping Wedding

Are you an outdoorsy kind of girl? If so, a glamping style wedding is definitely something to consider. Given that happy couples and their guests are provided with a perfect blend of nature, convenience and comfort, it’s no wonder that this trend has totally taken off in recent years. Having married his sweetheart in an outdoor setting with a glamping style arrangement, Matthew McConaughey is a big fan!

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

3. Farm Setting

Do you love to be surrounded by nature and wildlife? If yes, why not celebrate your big day by saying your nuptials in a beautiful farm setting in the countryside? There are plenty of options available when it comes to the ceremony and the reception so don’t stress as all of your requirements can be looked after. Many farms that specialise in weddings are so elaborate that they even have helicopter pads for couples that like to arrive at the venue in style.

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

4. A Cave Backdrop

Given the fact that the right cave can provide a truly stunning backdrop for wedding photos, I can totally understand why they have become such a trendy wedding venue. If this is something that you’re interested in, make sure you hire a good wedding photographer who will be able to capture the amazing rock formations and the ceremony in just the right light.

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

5. Wine Cellar

While winery weddings have always been pretty common, wine lovers are now turning to stunning wine cellar wedding venues. As with all of the above, there are also many possibilities to choose from when it comes to winery venues so make sure you do some research to find one that will cater for your specific requirements.

5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Need to Know About!

And there you have it – wine cellars complete my list of 5 unique wedding venues that you need to know about. Have you ever attended a wedding in any of the venues that are mentioned above?

If yes, which one and was it a memorable day/experience?

image source / image 1: photography by  sarah christensen photography  / image 2: photography by sarah tamagni photography / image 3: photography by rebecca prigmore photography / image 4: photography by cassandra lane photography / image 5: photography by  ann kathrin koch

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  • Atul @ A2zWeddingCards

    Great ideas Sonia! I liked all of them, but the idea of choosing a cave backdrop and a personal beach were quite romantic as well as off-the-rack.

  • Song of Jewellery

    Great wedding destinations! Especially the private beach and the cave backdrop sound very romantic!

  • Matthew

    A wedding in a cave seems interesting to me but I do like the idea of a wedding in the wine cellar. Why waste time walking back and forth?

  • Kavita

    Great wedding ideas! I personally love the idea of a romantic outdoor castle venue. I’ve seen a great deal on a historical venue located in the West Midlands – Rowton Castle. http://www.rowtoncastle.com/last-minute-weddings

  • Reply

    Whatever you pick, make it your own personal choice. It is the only way to have a unique wedding based on your own individuality.

  • Priti

    Love these. I recently worked with a Bride & Groom where they had the wedding breakfast on a barge too which was quirky :)

  • Rahul Jindal

    Nice Pictures!!! Thanks For sharing

  • Bella Swan

    Thanks for sharing these images. All images are really very nice. I rally like these wedding venue ideas. Thanks for sharing and keep sharing more.

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