The Rise of The Mini-Moon: A Whirlwind Honeymoon with a Difference?

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The Rise of The Mini-Moon A Whirlwind Honeymoon with a Difference

The Rise of The Mini-Moon: A Whirlwind Honeymoon with a Difference?

A fabulous wedding is a one day affair; a spectacular two week honeymoon is another thing altogether. In an ideal world, we would all have both and that would be the end of it. But in a world of mortgages and manic job schedules unfortunately this isn’t always possible – hence the rise of the ‘mini-moon’.

Mini-mooners are the cash- and time-strapped couples opting for short luxury breaks to locations they have a special attachment to or a strong desire to visit for the first time.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of ‘where’s the closest place we know will be special?’ These whirlwind breaks are a way of minimising the (lovely) disruption a wedding can bring and not going bankrupt in the process. Most mini-mooners plan on taking a longer holiday when time and money constraints become less of an issue.

Are you with me so far? Excellent. If you’re one of the rising number of nearly-weds contemplating a mini-moon, these great mini-moon ideas in the UK and Europe might inspire you.

castle in scotland

A Castle in Scotland

Ah, what could be more romantic than the heather-clad mountains and forest-lined glens of Scotland. Often forgotten about by British honeymooners in favour of more exotic locations, Scotland combines some of the last great wildernesses in the UK with a host of relaxing activities, historical excursions and amazing places to eat.

For mini-mooners the right accommodation is crucial  – often your budget will allow for the very best as it will only be for a few days. Fortunately, Scotland is a country full of stunning castle hotels, 5 star spa retreats and awe-inspiring island guesthouses. Choose a stunning location and hope for good weather!

Checkout this 14 places you would not believe are in Scotland by Buzz Feed. Whoa!!

milan italy

A Weekend in Milan

Mini-mooners are fond of relaxing city breaks as they tick a variety of boxes. Head for a great city like Milan and you will have incredible restaurants on your doorstep, historic buildings like the grand Duomo and world famous art; did someone just say The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci?

You’ll find that a typical holiday deal for a weekend in Milan is relatively inexpensive from the UK, especially if you book well in advance.

london shopping

Shopping in London

If you live in London you have permission to move on to the next option but for people who live elsewhere in the UK, the charms of the capital are many. London’s mixture of urban buzz, glamour and culture is the perfect backdrop for young newlyweds. Ladies, think of all that shopping! Oxford Street, Chelsea, the fizzing, bustling street markets.

And it won’t cost the earth to book a couple of tickets to a West End Show. With more top restaurants than anywhere in the UK you won’t go hungry either.

Another great buzz feed article – 21 lovely places to go on a date in London!

off the grid in paris

Off the Grid in Paris

Paris – the city of lurve. This is the perfect mini-moon destination for any number of reasons.

1.) People love to hold hands and smooch in the streets. 2.) There are opportunities for a romantic meal on almost every street corner. 3.) There is culture and history in abundance and even a mere stroll through the city is a pleasure. 4.) Even if your mini-moon is only a few days long, you’ll arrive back in Blighty with oodles of Parisian ‘joie de vivre’.

Remember, it’s not about the destination or the time spent there – it’s about reinforcing those special bonds you have made in your relationship.

So throw out the rule book and do your own thing!

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