Join the wedding directory and your payment will be donated to help aid the refugee crisis!

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Join the wedding directory and your payment will be donated to help aid the refugee crisis!

Sat here stuffing my face with a ham and cheese bap in the comfort of my home, I watch the news and feel my heart sink further and my shame rise at the deepening crisis of the refugees fleeing war torn countries such as Syria and Libya, and I wonder… why are we not helping these people more?

So I start to seriously think… what can I do to help these desperate souls who risk life and limb to end up in a refugee camp, and that’s when I realise – these people need provisions. They need decent footwear, warm and water-proof clothing, as well as the obvious shelter, food and medicine… and so much more. What they also need is hope, compassion and support, and to know that we care.

After searching online I came across Tom & Shizuka who set up crowd-funding site #KentForCalais to help purchase essential items for refugees, so I decided to donate. After looking at my account and seeing I only had a mere £70 in it, I was trying to work out how much money I could afford to donate without putting myself in the shit [don’t worry peeps it’s just a temporary cash flow problem, not an actual cash problem!!] and then I had a brain wave…

What if I offered something that I do have to people that might like to see the proceeds go to a very worthy cause. So here’s the deal – for every person who donates to the crowd-funding page #KentForCalais belonging to Tom & Shizuka, I will give you a free directory listing on my blog for an entire year! [and a big fat virtual hug]

That way we’ll both win – you’ll get a listing on a top wedding blog advertising your wedding business, and I’ll actually feel like I’m doing a little something to help ease the unimaginable suffering of our fellow human beings.

All you have to do is send me the details of your donation (an email confirmation should do it to and then I’ll invite you to add your business to the directory. Leave a comment on this blog too so everyone can see the progress.

The recommended donation would be £50 – but if you’re having cash flow ‘issues’ like me, then a £10 minimum donation please.

Please, please, please spread the love and share this post – I’ll be keeping an eye on how much is raised and will update this post with the amount accordingly. If you are a bride getting married or a wedding lover and would like to donate that would be awesome too!

Raised so far £455…

Come on let’s do this thing! Donate here #KentForCalais

Join the wedding directory and your payment will be donated to help aid the refugee crisis!

p.s. The lead picture is of a Turkish couple who decided to serve food to Syrian refugees instead of having a wedding reception! What an amazing couple!

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  • layla

    Great Idea, No one should become a refugee leaving their homeland. I will implement this idea in my blog as well.

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