WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

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WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

Happy Saturday lovelies! I do hope you’re enjoying your weekend…

If you’ve yet to book your wedding photographer, then you so need to check out today’s fab interview feature with talented husband & wife team – Andy & Anna of Anna Zofka Photography.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

WTW readers would love to know about you and your photographic journey…

We are Andy and Anna – a husband and wife wedding photography team based just a few miles from Cambridge. We started taking photos professionally over eight years ago covering music events across the UK and working alongside some world famous DJs. Three years ago, we started photographing weddings and now we have the best job we could wish for, documenting real life stories of people in love :)

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

Who or what inspired you to become wedding photographers?

Who wouldn’t be inspired by a wedding? The biggest, most hectic, colourful authentic and memorable day in a couple’s relationship history. Guests are dressed up, everyone is happy, the locations are awesome and there might even be a tear or two to capture. It’s a photographer’s dream! Don’t get us wrong, it’s hard work but we are so honoured to be a part of every single couple’s big event.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

How would you describe your particular style of photography?

That’s a tough one! It’s hard to describe a particular style in just a few words as it can mean different things to different people but I suppose it would be a mixture of modern and traditional photography. We do the traditional bride, groom and family photos, as well as more natural, photojournalistic shots to really capture those special and spontaneous moments of the day. For the perfect photos we choose not to edit using popular or trendy filters, but rather in a timeless classic style that can be treasured for generations.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

If you could go anywhere in the world and photograph any couple who would that be, why and where would you go?

It would have to be on a warm deserted beach somewhere at sunset, photographing Elizabeth and Will from Pirates of the Caribbean! We love intimate weddings, the sea and places without tourists so that would be a perfect fit.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

What’s your most memorable wedding moment so far?

It’s really difficult to pick just one memorable moment as there are special moments at every wedding, and every wedding is so different. To be honest, our absolute favourite moment would be when the groom sees his bride walking down the aisle for the first time; that never fails to be emotional. Also there are usually some amazing speeches that make us a little teary.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

Give us 5 facts about you…

  1. We love travelling and getting off the beaten track. As far away from that 10 day all-inclusive buffet as you can get!
  2. We love the sea, fishes, turtles and sharks, and are both qualified divers
  3. We got married 3 years ago and would love to do it over and over again!
  4. Andy fancies himself as a bit of a Bear Grylls (minus the outlandish eating and drinking) whereas Anna hates spiders, camping and anything that goes with it.
  5. A perfect date for us is going out for pizza or sushi and coming home to watch a movie.
WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

Finish this sentence. Keep wanting…

…to chase your dreams regardless of how crazy or unachievable they are. Don’t let your dreams be just dreams.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

Anything else… you want WTW readers to know…

If you are planning a destination wedding please get in touch with us. We have special offers for destination weddings.

WTW Welcomes Anna Zofka Photography!

Such a pleasure to get to know Anna & Andy a little better. Want to see more of their work? Pop on over to Anna Zofka Photography now.

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  • Lara

    Beautiful photos. It’s so important that you and your photographer have synergy, helping them reflect your relationship back to you in the best way.

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    Lovely photos!

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