Purchasing an Engagement Ring? Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds!

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Purchasing an Engagement Ring?

Are you planning on purchasing an engagement ring? Perhaps a diamond ring to propose? It’s not an easy undertaking, is it?! Diamonds. So much to know and what if you make the wrong choice… Did you know that the average person spends over 3 months looking for the perfect engagement ring? With all the confusing advice about this huge investment purchase, I’m surprised it’s not an even more drawn out process…

These days, more people turn to the Internet to search for expert advice and information on diamond ring shopping, and once upon a time that was Paul Gian himself – searching for the perfect heart-shaped engagement ring for his soon-to-be fiancé. Following on from his own shopping experience, knowledge and education he decided to develop and launch OnlineDiamondBuyingGuide.com with the aim of educating people on the process of buying diamonds.

The website is one of the leading resources featuring quality information that is both fun and easy to read. A key feature of the website details a step by step guide to choosing a diamond for the best value that your budget can get you. Interestingly, the website also consists of first-hand knowledge on the 4Cs of diamonds (Cut – Carat – Colour – Clarity) that most stores would NEVER tell you.

“The lack of understanding is the number one mistake that most consumers make when buying diamonds,” said Paul. “And it doesn’t help that most sales assistants aren’t proficient in their product knowledge. Most are more concerned about making a commission off a sale to you than helping you select the perfect diamond.”

Paul added, “Having been through the perplexing online research process myself, I was discouraged to note that there wasn’t a definitive resource whereby I could get all my questions answered at a single place. That’s when I decided to create this website whereby people could get their answers and communicate directly with me should they need further advice on questions they have.”

Currently, the main website has a side navigation bar that categorises content in a very accessible manner. New features such as a weekly featured diamond will showcase some of the best diamonds in the market coupled with an in-depth technical analysis. On top of that, a forum is currently under development and will be launched in the near future. Visitors can expect a buzzing community of like-minded people discussing various topics associated with the precious stone.

When asked about the secrets to choosing diamonds on a budget, Paul said: “The price of a diamond is determined by the 4Cs and out of these grading characteristics; the cut of a diamond is of utmost importance. Paying a premium for the best clarity and colour while skimping on the cut is definitely not a wise thing to do. Even if you have a flawless stone with the best colour, a poorly cut diamond will be lifeless.”

He went on to say, “Diamond prices increase exponentially at every half-carat marks. A smart shopper should ‘buy shy’. For instance, instead of buying a 1 carat diamond, you should buy one around 0.95. The physical differences in dimensions wouldn’t be obvious but the price difference is going to be substantial.”

“The truth is, a smart diamond shopper should balance the 4Cs and aim for a sweet spot to accommodate his budget. To the untrained eye, a diamond with an IF clarity grading will look the same as another diamond with SI1 clarity grading. The same applies to diamond colour. Diamonds that have a G or H colour grading and eye clean SI clarity will give you the biggest bang for your buck,” he concluded.

Of course, choosing a diamond goes beyond the 4Cs. The more knowledge you have, the less likely you would end up with buyer’s remorse and overpaying for a piece of jewellery. So, for all you diamond shoppers out there who are having a tough time in buying diamonds, this super informative website will be a great place to start your education and diamond search.

Online Diamond Buying Guide

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  • Luriya

    Great information for buying diamonds. You should definitely keep this in mind when selling diamonds as well.

  • Naksh Kaloo

    You mentioned it correctly, while looking for diamond ring, we have to look beyond 4C’s

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