How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

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How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

All brides vow not to be a bridezilla in the run-up to their big day. Yet with so many crucial decisions to make, from colour schemes and seating plans to florists and photographers, it’s likely that the bride will have a mini meltdown at some point, especially when it comes to choosing the all-important wedding dress.

If you’re having difficulty finding the dress of your dreams, take a look at these unbelievably helpful tips which will make the dress shopping experience all the easier and more importantly, enjoyable for you and your bridal party.

Do your research

You’ll be surprised by the number of shop assistants who will ask you what you’re looking for in a wedding gown. Instead of looking at them blankly, come prepared so that the bridal consultant can help you find your dream dress. Buy bridal magazines, explore Pinterest, search bridal boutiques online and you’ll soon start to compile a visual file of the dresses you adore. If you know what you want, the assistant will be able to suggest certain designers or collections they think will be perfect for what you have in mind.

How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

Find a dress that suits you, not the venue

Many brides make the mistake of trying to find a wedding dress to complement the venue. However, the dress should be all about you: the bride. Whether you’re tying the knot in a registry office, hotel, castle or manor house, the fit and finish of your gown should not be determined by your wedding venue. Unless, of course, you’re getting married in a church. In which case, you may need to opt for a jacket to cover your bare shoulders in order to complete your bridal look.

How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

Once you’ve found a style you love, veto all others

There is absolutely no point in continuing to try on dresses in all styles if you have decided on a fit that truly flatters your figure. If for example, you look sensational in a full A-line gown which emphasises your small waist, then you should narrow your search to this style when shopping online or visiting a bridal store. Make wedding dress shopping that little bit easier for yourself by vetoing certain styles and instead, focus solely on dresses that give you the wow factor.

How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wear the right underwear

Whilst this might seem minor, it will really affect how you look and feel in a wedding dress. Always wear a nude, strapless bra and a nude thong. The last thing you want to see when you’re trying on gowns is the outline of your French knickers or a bright bra strap. Play it safe and wear nude underwear to all your bridal appointments.

How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

Know when to stop

You’ll no doubt want to go to the end of the world to find the dress of your dreams, however, there has to be a limit. There are countless designer wedding dresses out there so you could try on beautiful gowns weekend after weekend but, it won’t help you make a decision. In fact, you’ll only confuse yourself as you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice. Of course, it’s wise to try on a plethora of designs and styles, but it’s important not to overdo it. Tell yourself you’ll only visit five stores or that you have to find your dress by a particular date. This will deter you from travelling up and down the country in search of your wedding dress.

How to Shop for Your Dream Wedding Dress

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