Scandinavian Inspired Bridal Editorial in Boho Woodlands

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Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-46

On a cold spring day with the snow lingering amongst the trees and footpaths of Trent Park, a group of creative’s collaborated to create the wedding series below.

The inspiration behind the shoot was the Scandinavian forest featuring a natural, effortlessly-chic, bohemian bride. We wanted to keep it visually simple, pretty, fresh and whimsical, full of life and love, just like a real wedding!

Words and images by Ann Charlotte Photography.

Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-59
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-62
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-63
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-58
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-60
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-66
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-69
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-36

Being Swedish I wanted to incorporate some of the Scandinavian in me. I grew up amongst nature and played a lot in the forest growing up. There is so much beauty in nature and we wanted to reflect this natural beauty in our photos.

Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-53
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-37
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-51

Together with makeup artist Alma who loves the bohemian chic style, we came up with this beautiful Boho Woodland idea. Alma’s makeup style is very much about incorporating a bride’s natural features with an effortless beauty, which we think we captured with our gorgeous model Stina!

Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-6

These delicious cupcakes were made by Adrian from A White Kitchen. A cream cheese frosting with a delicate vanilla sponge. They smelled absolutely amazing, it was so hard not to eat them! We included the pomegranate fruit because of its symbolism of love & marriage.

Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-8
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-7

We used cool colours in soft pastel tones, purples & greys to reflect our concept.

We all wanted a cuddle in this super cosy blanket, handmade with love by Nina from Marshmallow Blankets.

Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-39
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-45
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-41
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-38
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-47
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-57

Claudia and Sarah from Borrowed Light Florals provided the flowers for the bridal bouquets, the table decorations as well as the headpiece.

Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-55
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-65
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-52
Early Spring Boho Woodland – AnnCharlottePhotography©2018-54

The beautiful wedding dresses were made by the talented Lara from Audrey Ashley. We couldn’t believe how stunning and delicate these dresses were when we finally got to see them in person! Our bride Stina felt like a real princess, these dresses are a brides dream.

credits:  photography: ann charlotte photography / idea & co-ordination: ann charlotte and alma / make up: bridesbyalma / model: stina lonn / wedding dresses & faux fur jacket: audrey ashley couture /  flowers: borrowed light florals / cupcakes & fruits: a white kitchen / knitwear: marshmallow blankets

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