Chic ‘Mother of the Bride/Groom’ Guide: How to Rock Florals on the Big Day

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Valentina Ring - Mother of the Bride Floral Guide

Model is Valentina Ring / Photo by The Stars Inside / Dress by Ted Baker, from House of Fraser / Earrings by Shaun Leane / Cupcake by GC Couture

Being part of the close family of the bride and groom is one of the most exciting roles to have on a wedding day – with VIP access to all the joyous memories in the making, and with such an emotional part to play in this chapter of their love story. Alongside this, however, may also come worries about making sure you’re looking your best for the couple – and for all your friends and loved ones gathering together, which, as families and geographical distances grow, can be an increasingly rare occasion. As mother of the bride or groom, a traditionally “hosting” role, it can be daunting to shop for a look that balances glamour with occasion-appropriateness.

The rules of ethics and etiquette surrounding what is allowed, particularly when it comes to colour, are – thankfully – fading away from modern weddings, and, as long as the bride and groom are happy, it really is all about being comfortable and as gorgeously yourself as you can be. You may find it fun to coordinate with one of the aesthetic narratives of the wedding: maybe harmonising with the bride or bridesmaids’ dresses, echoing a hue of the season or venue, taking inspiration from a theme or concept, or complementing the main wedding colour palette – all the while keeping in mind whether any specific level of formality has been indicated.

Today I’m going to explore the sparkling racks and shelves of House of Fraser for some ideas on how to rock florals, which are a timelessly feminine, stylish, and surprisingly versatile choice of design.

Look 1 - Classic & Modern

Mother of the Bride Florals Guide

DressShoes / Shawl / FascinatorBracelet

For this first look I’m taking inspiration from the Spring-filled artwork of the Impressionists: think polished pencil dresses featuring softer pastel versions of bright colours, like yellow and green, for a radiant, confident, and modern look. Pick an accessory to highlight your focus colour, like a fascinator or shawl (or cape, for some extra je ne sais quoi!), and then try adorning the outfit with some neutral accessories, like nude-colour shoes and classic pearls. This keeps the outfit fresh, while still maintaining demure grace and elegance.

Look 2 - Metallic & Bold

Mother of the Bride Florals Guide

Dress / Hat / Earrings / Clutch / Jacket

For this second look I’m embracing boldness: full-length gowns or high-to-low skirts can add a real wow-factor to an outfit, and can also be very flattering when using a ribbon tied or belted waist to accentuate the narrowest part of your body. You can then pair these sophisticated dress shapes with striking patterns, sparkly or metallic accessories (though do think about steering clear of anything too noisy or distracting), and – of course – a statement hat! Just make sure that any headpiece you choose doesn’t swamp your frame, or hide your face too much (or make receiving line hugs and kisses too tricky!). Non-creasing, flowing, and movable fabrics can mean extra comfort through the day, which will keep you feeling free and confident. Also, experimenting with three quarter length sleeves, boleros, shrugs, cover-ups, and jackets can help conceal your arms, if you’d prefer to, while also adding special day-to-night variety to your look.

Look 3 - Minimalist & Chic

Mother of the Bride Florals Guide

JumpsuitJacket / Earrings / Shoes / Sunglasses

For this third look, I’m taking a cue from the minimalist trends in fashion and décor. Switching up the gown for a tailored suit or smart jumpsuit can work very well, and look even more fashionable and modern than a dress. Rather than matching two-piece outfits, try pairing wide-leg pants with a jacket that complements the pattern or colour: cropped blazers and cool florals are a match made in heaven! Looking at separates also means being able to shop for exactly the size and style combination that suits you best. If you’re opting for a more polished, minimalist and chic style, it may be that you want to replace the hat with a blowdry or up-do, or maybe a delicate piece of hair jewellery. Look for a small and tasteful purse that you can wear or hold without it being too noticeable – hands-free preferably, so you can greet guests as easily as possible.

Look 4 - Dark & Stylish

Mother of the Bride Florals Guide

Dress / Shoes / Headpiece / Shawl / Necklace

For my fourth look, I’m taking a walk on the dark side: some of you may feel most fabulous in dark colours, and resent that weddings mean being forced to let go of your staple palette – but that need not be the case! Using black or navy as your base, you can liven up the ensemble with some bright and bold prints in your accessories, and let floral patterns do the talking. Reflect your personal style with a glamorously dark look, maybe with an off-the-shoulder detail showing off the collarbone or shoulders, and accessorize with your favourite jewels. Shades of black and navy are also generally very versatile and flattering; to accentuate a beautiful hourglass figure, consider dresses with contrasting colours or patterns on the sides of the waist, and use vertical lines to lengthen the frame. Either way, don’t stray too far from your natural dressed-up look – be true to your personality, and let it shine through.

Valentina Ring – Ted Baker Dress (14)
Valentina Ring – Ted Baker Dress (13)
Valentina Ring – Ted Baker Dress (11)
Valentina Ring – Ted Baker Dress (6)

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration on how to stylishly embrace florals in your MoB or MoG ensemble – but most importantly, I hope you have lots of fun shopping, expressing yourself by looking fabulous and celebrating with style on the wedding day. Consult the couple through the process to keep communication open and honest (with any other mothers on the bride or groom’s sides as well), and let that respect and complicity guide your choice of outfit. At the heart of it all is something that can sometimes be lost sight of: the wedding is a celebration of love, the union of two families, and the beautiful fact that EVERYTHING is more fun together. Need even more eye-catching wedding outfit inspiration, head on over to the House of Fraser wedding boutique right now.

For more tips or help with your wedding planning, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at The Stars Inside.

Have fun and congratulations!


Valentina Xx

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