The ultimate 12 month wedding planner by High Flying Helicopter

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Planning a wedding is a great achievement in itself, especially when your guests come up to you and tell you how much fun they had and what an amazing day your wedding was. Everything will work out fine if you spend some time thinking everything through before you start to get bogged down in all the practical sides of wedding planning.

Here are some top tips for wedding planning.

Do the fundamental things first. Set the date, and fix the budget! Discuss who is going to pay for your wedding and how. Decide how much you want to spend and then apportion the budget according to your PRIORITIES. That way you will be sure you spend your money on what you really want, remember it’s your money and you can spend it how you like.

Take out wedding insurance. Weddings are very expensive and it is always a good idea to insure against situations like a disaster with photography or illness. Always read the small print on what is actually covered before you buy any.

Decide on your guest list and choose the wedding venue. The biggest cost undoubtedly is the reception and the number of guests you invite impacts on this. Choose wisely 45 – 50% of your budget gets taken up here.

Decide on a church or civil service. Book a date at the church or with the registrar. (Don’t book your venue until you are sure the officiant is available.)

Book a photographer, the good ones get booked really early. Photographs are so important, apart from memories, these are the story of your day. They are also one of the top three things in your budget, the other being the dress, the venue and reception.

Sweat the small details later, that way you will have plenty of time to spend on the more fun aspects of wedding planning.

Bite-sized chunks are the way to attack wedding planning. Put three or four things that you need to do on a list. Keeping your list short and updated will focus your attention. File all paperwork together.

Surviving wedding planning. Weddings can become all-consuming. Take time out with your fiancé. Plan one evening a week where you spend time together and don’t mention the “W” word.

Stay organised. Being organised is the key to wedding planning. Keep all paperwork in one place. Note all suppliers contact details and keep them to hand. Be disciplined right from the start, it will pay off as you accumulate more suppliers. Having them to hand will reduce the stress when you need to contact them.

Follow these simple steps for wedding planning and you will be well on your way to planning your perfect day.

Need even more wedding planning advice? Check out this super helpful wedding 12 month wedding planning infographic from High Flying Helicopters.


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