Choosing a honeymoon: how to make the right decision

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Choosing a honeymoon: how to make the right decision

Amid the panic and excitement of organising a wedding, there’s a danger that the honeymoon can become an afterthought. Indeed, many couples now take a short “mini-moon” immediately after the ceremony then defer the decision about where to go on their “real” honeymoon.

Dream hotels in the Mediterranean

For previous generations, the question was an easy one: can we afford to go abroad? If so, let’s spend a week or two at a hotel near a beach, put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and make occasional appearances for meals and drinks.

Venice (1)

Today’s brides and grooms are not only better travelled, but they are likely to be older, wiser, more solvent and to have cohabited for a while. Sure, they will want some quality time together on honeymoon, but not to the exclusion of all else.

Stay in a glass igloo

So the question is: what kind of honeymooners are you? Do you want to lounge on a beach, or go on safari in Africa, or both? Do you want to spend your days hiking, or sleep in a glass igloo in the Arctic gazing up at the Northern Lights? The possibilities are endless. The problem now, some might say, is too much choice. It can be paralysing.


101 Honeymoons is a website that tackles this modern dilemma head-on. Its editor, Jane Anderson, is an award-winning writer who spent a decade as travel editor at You & Your Wedding. She has narrowed down the choices to 101, and through the website helps couples find the right one for them based on their budget, the time of year they want to travel and – most importantly – what they really want from the experience.

Paddy fields in Vietnam (1)

The site has a fun quiz that helps visitors find what type of honeymoon they should choose, and it’s packed with ideas and advice, whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, it’s your first honeymoon or your third, you’re travelling with a baby or you want to get married on a beach.

Safari honeymoon

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  • Mirela Gorun

    This is a great article. After so many decisions regarding the wedding, it’s useful to have a little help for deciding what kind of honeymoon is the best choice.

  • Katie Wilson

    Loved your post, Sonia. Very useful information. We went to Italy on our honeymoon. Spent a couple of weeks on the Amalfi Coast. It was just awesome.

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