Tinggly! A Cool Wedding Gift For People Who Dream About Travel, Experiences & Bucket-lists

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Introducing the perfect wedding gift

Something many people find frustrating when trying to find inspiration for a great wedding gift is that there is so much choice out there. Which is a little ironic, because actually, the best wedding gift may be just that: choice.

What does that mean?

Introducing Tinggly, curators of the world’s finest experience gifts. Hundreds of them, across dozens of countries. A Tinggly gift experience voucher is guaranteed to be the most exciting item on the wedding table, and it’s absolutely perfect for honeymooning couples.


How it works

It couldn’t be any simpler. You select one of the various Tinggly gift collections, according to your budget. There are over 20 of them now. Add a personal message to the newlyweds, and Tinggly then send their gift voucher across in a stylish gift box, ready to be handed over at the wedding (vouchers can also be emailed, if you can’t make it to the wedding itself).

After that, the couple can enjoy spending hours browsing the collection, deciding what to do, where and when. Perhaps they’ll be taking a romantic hot air balloon flight over the old town of Vilnius. Or enjoying a luxurious spa day in Costa Rica. Or taking a cocktails and sightseeing tour on some tropical island. Or something they never dreamed about before, but suddenly it’s all they can think about.

Once they’ve finally made their minds up, they just follow the simple redemption procedure with a unique code, and Tinggly takes care of the rest of the booking for them.

As you can see, Tinggly is a superb way to make a honeymoon that little bit more special. But because the voucher is valid for up to two years, the couple can also use it on a future holiday, or even as something to do on a rainy weekend at home!

Anticipation and Memories

Ok, here comes the science bit. Because there is actually a wealth of evidence to show that spending money on experiences, rather than material things – “stuff” – is what makes people happiest. And you want your friends to be happy, right?

The reason why, is that in the lead-up to trying an experience, you have the excitement of anticipation, that only grows as time goes by. Let’s say someone has booked a bungee jump, for instance, or a dream romantic meal at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower – it’s only going to become more desirable the closer it gets.

And then after the experience has taken place, there is the happy memories associated with it, which can last for a lifetime. Sorry, but you just don’t get that with a new phone, or a bottle of perfume.

dream wedding tinggly

So, next time you’re invited to a wedding and you want to get a really special gift, thing experiences rather than things. Instead of buying them a set of matching towels or a silver candlestick from the list, you can give them the gift of choice, and see if that doesn’t make their eyes light up with glee!

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    Awesome gift idea, something that a lot of couples will find very useful. Where can I get this gift box?

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