My Picture: 5 Trends for the Wedding Decor World of 2020

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Environmentally conscious ceremonies, specially designed food wagons – 2020’s looking like an exciting year to tie the knot! Together with the photo printing experts at, we’ll take a look at some of the most quirky and exciting predictions for how we’ll be getting married in 2020. Read on! 

#1 Flowers Everywhere – From the Venue to the Guest Cards

Decorating your wedding with as many plant motifs as possible is a reflection of our current obsession with greenery. And this organic trend is only expected to gather speed in 2020.

However, instead of the heavy emphasis on leaves and vines, a major shift towards flower-based decor is expected as the new year approaches. 

As reported by, flowers are about to make their mark on almost every aspect of the ceremony, from floral motifs for the bridal dress down to abundant blooms for the table decor, even the altar. 

But what sets this one apart amongst all the wedding trends for 2020 is the DIY aspect. To achieve an unrestrained, organic look, couples will rely less on professional florists, instead of going for a charmingly amateurish take on proceedings – using locally grown seasonal blooms, even flowers straight from the garden. 

#2 A Wedding Documented on Canvas

Alongside epic wedding videos made by top videographers and edgy, boundary-pushing photoshoots, there’s a new trend for documenting the big day: couples will create a wedding gallery to exhibit their special day for years to come. 

As prophesied by, this trend is likely to become the next big thing in 2020. However, instead of commissioning an artist to paint the beautiful scene on canvas, couples can achieve the same impact at a fraction of the expense.

Photo canvas prints are the perfect way to create a wall of memories once the ceremony’s over. Keeping the most special moments from your wedding day on constant display will keep the magic alive for years to come.

#3 Zero-Waste Eco-Ceremonies 

A trend that goes hand in hand with DIY flower sourcing, ceremonies that cut out excess waste represent another unique approach to your special day – and one that’s likely to become dominant in 2020. 

With eco-friendly attitudes becoming ever more common, sustainable wedding ceremonies will follow suit. Modern couples see them not as a restriction but as a playground to explore the creative possibilities of their wedding day. 

From finding paper alternatives to plastic wherever possible to biodegradable favours for the guests, organising an eco-conscious ceremony won’t just earn you some good karma, it’s creatively rewarding too! 

#4 Food Corners and Pop-Up Stores

With the rise of high-concept dining and aspirational coffee shops, we’ve changed the way we approach both food and its presentation. Inevitably, this has also affected the way we approach catering at wedding ceremonies. 

With the classic table-service concept giving way to a more improvised, looser approach, we’re expecting a lot of specialist delicacies (from pastries to craft beer) to be on offer from dedicated food corners, DIY food wagons, and pop-up stores.

Of course, these are not traditional stores per se, since the guests are likely to pay with a currency invented by the happy couple! 

#5 Fully Customized Wedding Experience

To an extent, every wedding is tailored to the couple’s requirements – but most of us do end up following the same general pattern as our peers. 2020 is all about ignoring this pattern. 

From here on out, it’s all about complete immersion and a personalised approach to every aspect of the ceremony, from the direction signs to the menus. 

Whether it’s a personalised photo mug given out to every guest or a set of small-format prints showing the couple in a lot of crazy poses, it’s all about celebrating your particular love story. 

And you can take the whole thing even further, making the afterglow of the ceremony last for years to come. Printed home accessories like cushions and blankets let you display your wedding photos right in the heart of your living space. And they make ideal personalised gift items for your inner circle.

With so many original ideas finding their way into the traditional wedding format, we couldn’t be more excited for the couples who’ve scheduled their big day for the coming year. But fashions and trends aside, a wedding’s about celebrating a union in a way that feels meaningful to the couple. Large-scale or intimate, loud or quiet, that’s always a beautiful thing! 

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