Alternative Tux Guide: Why Men’s Wedding Wear Doesn’t Have to End with the Penguin Suit

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Alternative Tux Guide – Why Men’s Wedding Wear Doesn’t Have to End with the Penguin Suit

So, you’re getting married. Great move. Congratulations. Exciting times. But as you’re starting to get into the details, you’re probably beginning to notice something: the choice of clothing for men is pretty limited, verging on dull. Much of the wedding market is targeted at women. And maybe that’s as it should be. But that doesn’t mean that guys need to accept being dressed as a space-filler. Twisted Tailor delivers effortless non-conformist styling, empowering you to face any occasion with confidence.

The problem of the traditional tux

Tuxedos have long been the go-to getup for grooms and male guests alike. The look is uniformly black and white. You have your high-waisted trousers, vented jacket, cummerbund or waistcoat, shirt, bow tie and accessories. And every man in the room looks alike. Based on attire alone, the groom could be any one of dozens of similarly dressed men. It’s just the sweat on the upper lip before the ceremony and the silly grin after it that give him away.

The main thing that’s wrong with this scenario is that if two women turn up wearing the same outfit, there is an unavoidable (unaccountable) air of muted embarrassment. So, why should the men just merge in? It’s your wedding, why not dress your way?

A contemporary take on the tux

Looking for something that’s a little more ‘you’, doesn’t mean throwing away the wedding rule book. It’s simply about taking the traditional tux and making it more expressive of your style. How you do it is down to you. But the options are wide open.

Change the cut

Single and double-vented jackets with straight-leg trousers represent the conformist fashion. Changing those shapes to a skinny fit style immediately makes any outfit feel more current and more comfortable. You can still stick to the erstwhile colour code. But you’ll look sleek, with an outstanding silhouette and have the confidence of clothing that feels more familiar.

Change the colour

Black and white can still work well, but white and black will make a statement. If monochrome is not for you, go for an all-over colour change with sateen champagne, flecked navy or a head-turning pattern. The key is to find a look that really represents you.

Change the fabric

The typical tuxedo is made from wool, polyester or a mixture of the two. There’s no reason why you can’t make a different choice. Sateen can be sumptuous. Velvet is unbeatable as we move into the winter weather, giving a feeling of strokable opulence. A wool-blend still works where the design makes it shine.

Add some sparkle

Sequins, foil and metallic prints can look outstanding at any time, but it’s at nighttime weddings that they really shine. Picture yourself a beacon at the end of that candle-lit aisle. You will be stupendous. Prints can look incredible incorporated into the tux, the shirt or your accessories (check here).

Dazzle with your shirts or waist wear

If you want to keep your tuxedo simple for a traditional aesthetic, you can still add a more personal touch to your attire with a striking waistcoat or shirt. Admittedly, that used to be the wedding day remit of the zany drunken uncle. But we’re not talking garish naked ladies. Rather an elegant skinny cut double-breasted number with contrasting floral flocking or understated check for the waistcoat. While shirts can offer a colour change, some glister, patterns and personality.

Your wedding day is stressful enough without feeling like an imposter in your outfit. Choosing the right tux will lift your confidence right up to the next level. It’s not about competing with your lover but complementing them. Smartly. Stylishly. Confidently. It’s about bringing you to your wedding rather than a mannequin.

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    Oh my holy macaroni cheese balls!!!!! Why weren’t these waistcoats around for my wedding???
    How awesome to actually have the groom standing out as well as the bride. I have nothing bad to say about this post, I am totally in love with every single waistcoat! Will be recommending!

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    Wow, these look awesome, about time grooms got creative.

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    So many diffrent styles to choose from, who would have thought

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