Should Men Wear a Suit Without a Tie

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Should men wear a suit without a tie?

When you consider the classic suit, at work or play, it’s difficult not to picture the classic staple of a neck or bowtie as an integral part of it. Alongside your shirt, trouser and jacket – and perhaps a waistcoat – the tie adds what many consider an essential splash of colour. Although it’s hardly omnipresent these days.

In the office, the tie is rarely conspicuous by its absence, but could your next matrimonial appointment inspire you to switch things up and ditch the seemingly un-ditchable?

The short answer is yes; there’s no better occasion than a wedding to experiment with alternatives to the old classic.

Here’s why your next outfit need not include a tie.

The first thing to understand is that losing the tie doesn’t mean erring on the side of simplicity, or informality. After all, accessorising takes many forms.

First, let’s talk cravats.

Much like a tie, a cravat can add colour and ensure your outfit passes muster in even the most formal of settings, or to the most specific of themes.

Wrap under a collar and tuck into a waistcoat for a traditional look, or button-down and loosen things up if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Oh, and learn the difference between a cravat and an ascot. And then select accordingly.

The humble tie clip can also add detail, crank up the formality or tease in a little sophistication, depending on the type you go for. There are more out there than you might expect and each can add something special; whether it’s a brooch, gold chain or a black bar. Tie clips seem to have been around forever without ever being front of mind, but don’t doubt their versatility and understated impact.

But remember, losing your tie need not mean losing colour.

Complement a black, a grey or a blue men’s suit with a contrast pocket square, handkerchief or buttonhole and you’ll match any theme.

And while formality’s a factor at a lot of weddings, if you’re able, why not dial things down by going open collar? A crisp straight collar with a button or two open can help you keep cool in warmer months without underplaying the occasion, or you could select a rounded club collar and button-up.

You may also consider a granddad collar as part of a less formal outfit, or even swap out the shirt entirely.

In its place, the humble rollneck; a style staple popularised in decades past but which has enjoyed a recent revival fueled by its undeniably timeless appeal.

Pair a black rollneck with a lighter jacket and trouser in colder months – or seek out something a little more audacious by going lighter and brighter under a navy or black suit.

Whatever setting you’re working with and regardless of the look you’re trying to achieve, there’s no shortage of alternatives to the humble tie.

So, can you wear a suit without a tie? Certainly. At a wedding? Sure.

Perhaps the only difficult part is which path you take instead.

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