7 Rules for Planning the Perfect Plan B Wedding

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To ensure a successful wedding, you need a plan B! A plan that is totally efficient and just as beautiful as your plan A. It’s ok, no need to panic… here we explain exactly what to do in 7 simple steps so that you can be ready to face your big day absolutely stress-free!

Terrifying scenarios like suffocating heat, or even worse, the dreaded wind and rain can conjure up thoughts of wet clothes, mud-filled shoes, ruined make-up and guests who can’t wait to leave!

Occasionally couples can be too “positive” thinking surely nothing bad will happen, but unfortunately, it’s not always like that! Noemi Bellante, Wedding Planner Tuscany (Italy), wants to explain to you how important it is to prepare an efficient and beautiful plan B wedding, therefore, ensuring your wedding is perfect under any circumstances!

In collaboration with Noemi, Want That Wedding has prepared 7 rules for a perfect plan B wedding to help you!

Always Plan

Thinking about what could go wrong, and planning every detail is the starting point to feeling calm about your wedding – since there is always the chance that the weather could not be on your side and that something could go wrong!

Plan B is an integral part of wedding planning and certainly cannot be improvised in a few hours or just days before your wedding; it must be prepared months in advance so that your big day will be as you always dreamed! The setting-up of each location, with dedicated covers to protect you from the sun or rain, is not just for you, but also for your guests: it would not be nice to see them run away in the rain after having spent so much time preparing for your wedding day!

Consider plan B in your budget

From the beginning, take into consideration those extra plan b costs that could be incurred and make sure you budget for them.

If you chose to get married outdoors in a location with no coverings, or not enough internal space to accommodate all your guests in bad weather, you will also need to know the rental cost of appropriate structures – it may be one of the biggest plan b expenses you face.

The location choice

To keep costs down and simplify the planning of your wedding, focus your search on locations already equipped with gazebos or coverings that can be used if needed. Even in this case, always evaluate the feasibility of carrying out the wedding you have in mind: you may prefer one space rather than another for the banquet, for the cake cutting or even for the ceremony. It is important that everything is feasible and works well in case of bad weather, or in case of other small problems, make sure you considered these things during the site inspection.

Plan B: not just rain

Do not forget that plan B has to be prepared even in the case of stifling heat. In the summer season, there are also inconveniences due to high temperatures: blood sugar drops, sunstroke, annoying bugs or gusts of wind…

Such scenarios require the right precautions to ensure your guests’ maximum comfort: you could prepare elegant wedding bags with fresh water and sugary candies inside. Personalised fans, white umbrellas and adequate covers to shelter your guests from the sun could be provided. Consider disinfestation of the outdoor spaces the day before the wedding, and ensure there is lots of air conditioning indoors!

Love Plan B as much as Plan A

For the success of your day it’s also important that plan B is equally as unique as plan A: make plan B your own through personalised choices and love your alternative plan so that you will enjoy your day under any circumstances. 

Plan B does not represent the poor version of your special day. It is therefore important that it is not an improvised makeshift plan, but a real alternative plan with impeccable organisation, designed to celebrate your wedding in the best way, regardless of the weather conditions.

Final briefing with your vendors

To avoid any misunderstandings, it is recommended you have a briefing with all the vendors involved in your wedding a couple of days before: it’s a good idea for the venue manager and photographer to collaborate to choose the places and moments for the most beautiful shots, the floral designer to summarise the last details of all the floral arrangements and the band for the lineup of your favourite songs during the best moments of your party!

No negativity and think positive 

Once your plan B is ready, you just need to free your mind from any negativity and think positive to enjoy your best day in the most relaxed way possible: a relaxed mind will also be ready to react more quickly to any unexpected eventuality.

That means no small, unexpected events or changes to your plans can knock you down. Remember the success of your wedding will depend primarily on your mood: happy brides and grooms mean beautiful weddings!

Leave nothing to chance, plan everything in plenty of time and enjoy the party with your loved ones!

Now that we’ve given you some ideas to reflect on, you are perfectly able to make your day unique in any situation!

Finally, if you want to plan the perfect wedding and find out many other useful tips, continue reading then wedding blog by Noemi Bellante.

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  • Chinazor

    Thanks for that wake-up call to couples to know that Optimism is never enough.

    I had my wedding on a rainy day. The only good part was that it was at the tail-end of the event. If i had come across this article, I would have made a plan B. Its not pessimism, its just pure caution.

    Great article. Kudos.

  • Ohioren

    Even though plan B’s are meant to be a backup plan, it has saved the day countless times.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding us to be prepared on our big day.

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