Why you need to know about Photo Booths and the Slow Motion 360!

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Around a decade ago, Photo Booths made their way into events and were suddenly the “in thing”. Whilst many thought they were simply a fad that would disappear in a year or two, they are now without a question a staple service for Weddings and Birthday parties year in year out.

Photo Booths are guaranteed fun. All you have to do is grab a prop, touch the screen and pull off your best 4 poses in the booth! If you are really slick, you could try swapping props in between each photo. This produces some great results!

When you’re happy with your pictures, the operator will then print out a copy of your photo to take home. All of these photos are automatically uploaded to an online gallery too, where they can be viewed individually or downloaded as a full package.

Around 3-4 years ago, Magic Mirrors made their way onto the event landscape. These were and still are considered an alternative to Photo Booths, as they provide a slightly different service. Whilst the services are similar in what they provide, the way they are run is slightly different.

For one, Magic Mirrors take Portrait Photos, as opposed to Landscape. This means that guests are able to fit their entire outfit into the photo! Moreover, because it has no enclosure, it means you can fit considerably more guests into each photo. The limit to how many guests you can include is around 20 people, as opposed to 5-6 with a normal Photo Booth.

The Mirror itself is a huge touch screen, meaning guests can simply tap on the mirror, which will then start and guide them through the process. The Mirror even provides visual and spoken compliments to the guests between each photo, how kind is that!

And now, in 2020, we have the latest exciting new entry to the market, the 360 Photo Booth.

Whilst these have been popular in the United States for a couple of years, they are still brand new here in the UK. You might have seen them used at major award shows over the pond, such as the Oscars & Grammy’s!

The way these booths work is surprisingly simple. Guests stand on top of the 360 Platform (pictured above), preferably back to back. When they are ready, the operator will then begin the video process. The camera will then do a full 360 loop of the platform (which holds 4-6 guests), whilst guests are encouraged to pose, dance, jump, or do whatever feels natural whilst the camera completes its loop.

The 360 then converts the video into a slow-motion video, which guests can instantly view on the iPad. They are able to retake the video or email it to as many email addresses as they like. Similar to the Photo Booth and Magic Mirror, all videos are instantly uploaded to an online gallery (presuming the venue has stable Wi-Fi).

As you can see in the picture below, there are a number of dollar bills lying near the booth. Some of the best results come when guests have either a dollar blaster or confetti poppers, which are then activated whilst the camera is circling. In slow motion, this creates some simply breathtaking results!

Doesn’t this all sound like so much fun and just perfect for your wedding!

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