How to Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

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The day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child is finally drawing closer. In a few weeks or months, you will be walking down the aisle, donning that dreamy white gown, covered by that ethereal veil and surrounded by the people you love the most. It only makes sense that you would want every single thing to be perfect down to the last detail, and that includes your skin. To make sure that your skin is at its best on your wedding day, we’ve listed some tips for you to follow.


Nowadays, the gold standard for skincare is retinol. Retinol, also known as Vitamin A1, is usually infused in moisturisers because of its multiple benefits. A review on Forbes of Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream mentioned that retinol works best when combined with algae peptides and skin-strengthening botanicals. A moisturiser with such a combination helps smoothen the skin, evens out the complexion and supports the natural healing process of the skin. To make sure that your skin is nice and hydrated for your wedding day, religiously use moisturizers as early as possible.

Wearing sunscreen

To achieve healthy-looking skin, that’s free of sunspots and blemishes, daily usage of sunscreen is a must. And by daily, we mean applying sunscreen even if you plan on staying indoors all day or it’s raining like crazy outside. The Strategist’s review of Neutrogena Ultra Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 wrote that the key to increasing the efficacy of your sunscreen is liberal application. But while we suggest using a sunscreen every day before the wedding, we advise skipping it on the D-day. As explained in our post ‘Top 5 Wedding Makeup Tips’, the SPF in your sunscreen will cause nasty reflections on your photographs, making you look like a ghost.

Using the right soap

Aside from keeping you healthy by protecting you from germs, the right soap can smoothen and even out your skin. PrettyMe’s review of Original Kojic Acid Soap explained that kojic acid-enriched soaps can help brighten and even out skin without making it look bleached. This kind of soap deeply cleanses the skin, unclogs the pores and protects it from fungi and bacteria which can result in acne breakouts and skin infections. However, it’s worth noting that no one soap will be a cure-all, and it’s best to consult with your dermatologist for your specific skin problems.

Seeing a dermatologist

If you want your skin to be in its tip-top form, the best thing you can do is to visit a dermatologist. Your dermatologist can draft a treatment plan that specifically answers the needs of your skin. Elle’s review of Sunday Riley Ice Clear Facial pointed out that there are certain treatments that work best with congested and blemished skin. Some treatments also come with facial therapies that cool the skin, reduce inflammation, remove redness and destroy bacteria to prevent breakout and infection. Seeing a dermatologist is best done a year before your wedding day.


When done right, exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells that is clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells. This way, moisturizing products can better penetrate your skin and become more effective. Glamour Magazine’s review of Dr. Roebuck’s Byron 2-in-1 Mask and Exfoliator emphasized that exfoliants formulated with kaolin and biodegradable jojoba beads can help absorb oil and gently exfoliate the skin without irritating it and causing redness. It’s good to remember that over-exfoliating can create tiny cracks in the skin that lead to inflammation and loss of hydration. So, make it a habit to limit your exfoliation routine to two to three every week.

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