4 Reasons to choose a Vintage Wedding Ring

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4 Reasons to choose a Vintage Wedding Ring

When couples become engaged, it’s quite common for both parties to choose the engagement ring or to at least have had the conversation about the type of ring that will set their heart on fire.

One option to consider is investing in a vintage engagement ring, and as I am such a big fan of the bygone era, I’m going to share with you 4 reasons you should absolutely choose a vintage ring.

They are completely unique.

If you shun the norm and like to do things a little differently, then choosing a vintage ring is definitely the way forward for you. Quite simply, your vintage engagement ring won’t be a carbon copy of Karen from account’s conventional sparkler.

They are incredibly stylish.

Vintage engagement rings are simply breathtaking – whether it’s an emerald-cut Art Deco stunner, an intricate Edwardian masterpiece or a classic-cut mid-century gem, you are guaranteed that it’ll be a total head-turner. 

They all have a story.

Literally every single vintage ring has a past and is steeped in history. Whether you know the history of your ring or not, it’s utterly romantic that your ring has its own story and adorned the hand of another.

They are eco-friendly

If you want to lower your impact on the planet, choosing an eco-conscious vintage engagement ring is a great earth-friendly decision. That’s right, choose vintage and save the planet. You’ll probably get a pretty bargain to boot.

Looking for your own antique ring, or have you fallen in love with one of the rings above? Head on over to Carus Jewellery to find your special sparkler.

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