Seasonal Wedding Flowers: Floral Fragrances

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I’ve been thinking about wedding flowers recently… and how floral scents can often be overlooked. Imagine walking into your beautiful venue and not only been greeted with a visual feast but a floral one too! I believe fragrance plays a huge part in our memories and cherished memories can often evoke memories of a scent too. So when decorating your wedding venue with your favourite blooms consider the seasonality and fragrance of your flowers.

In this post we explain all about UK seasonal wedding flowers and their delightful aromas.

Wedding Flowers, a scent for all seasons

Seasonal Wedding Flowers: Floral Fragrances

Flowers awaken our senses; they are aesthetically pleasing, surprisingly tactile and wonderfully fragranced. Yet, in an age where almost all varieties of flower are available at any time of the year, through means of importation force-growing, flowers often lose their scent.

An easy argument would be to use UK grown seasonal blooms which are more naturally grown thus harnessing their delicate fragrance, yet Britain is not able to supply the variety of flowers nor colour choices we so often desire at all times of the year.

So, keeping an open mind when choosing your wedding flowers helps ensure you can include that precious scent says flowers by post; the key to unlocking another layer of memory in years to come. Following the British flower seasons closely will ensure you have beautiful, fragrant blooms whatever the time of year:

Wedding Flowers, a scent for all seasons

Winter Wedding Flowers

The Flower Shop London notes: if seasonality and locally sourced flowers are important to you, then you need to understand your colour choices are more limited during the winter months. However, British grown, scented hyacinth, muscari, paperwhites, jasmine, eucalyptus, daffodils and also rosemary are all available in Winter in shades of blue, yellow, ivory and white. Scented flowers in pink, purple, orange and red are difficult at this time of year, although unscented blooms in an abundance of colours are available such as anemones, amaryllis and berries.

Wedding Flowers, a scent for all seasons

Spring Wedding Flowers

The first shoots of scented herbs such as fennel, mint, sage, lemonbalm and lavender all appear. For a short period only, says Sarah from Flower Delivery, heady scented ivory gardenia, lily of the valley, yellow mimosa and narcissi are all available and are grown throughout South Lincolnshire and in Jersey. If you’re lucky, your florist might be able to source the first English grown sweet peas. Unscented but equally beautiful flowers such as anemones, blossom (some are scented), tulips, ranunculus, forget me nots, and waxflower are also available and are all grown throughout the British aisles.

Wedding Flowers, a scent for all seasons

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer flowers are abundant in all colours and you really can take your pick. Emily from explains further… English roses and sweet peas are in full bloom, as are cottage garden favourites such lavender, mint, wild oregano, buddleia, stock, phlox, sweet william, honeysuckle, peony, jasmine and freesia. Unperfumed, but wonderfully bright blooms include sunflower, delphinium and larkspur, daisy, cornflower, poppy and hydrangea.

Wedding Flowers, a scent for all seasons

Autumn Wedding Flowers

For me, autumn is all about foliage. From the luscious , subtlety lemon scented cotinus, to varying varieties of skimmia and eucalyptus, foliage comes into its own. A lot of the Summer scented flowers will still be strong, especially roses which can keep going to October and even November if it is mild. Handy Flowers advises that Autumn also sees berries and seed heads and it is now that dahlia and hydrangea are at their very best, although unscented.

Wedding Flowers, a scent for all seasons

Flowers are imported from all over the world, and popular, non UK grown varieties include orchids, arum and calla lily, hibiscus, protea and agapanthus all of which are unscented.

I hope you lovely brides-to-be find this wedding flower inspiration article as interesting as it helpful!

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