Coronavirus: 6 easy steps to take if your live wedding band cancels or postpones

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Coronavirus: 6 easy steps to take if your live wedding band cancels or postpones

Our quick and easy steps if you or your live wedding band have to cancel or postpone due to coronavirus.

It’s been a very strange couple of months for everyone due to the COVID-19 outbreak and this is even more apparent in the wedding industry. We speak to all sorts of couples on a daily basis about the worries they have regarding their upcoming weddings.

Whether these couples have had a wedding band booked with us or not, we have found that the same worries and legitimate questions keep being asked.

So to help, we thought we’d try and bring a positive attitude to this whole awful pandemic by taking those worries and questions and summarising them in 6 easy steps you can follow if you or your live wedding band have to cancel or postpone your wedding. We really hope it helps but please don’t hesitate to contact us, obligation-free for any help or advice you need.

Your booking contract

The first item to tick off your list is to read the booking contract you have with your wedding band. If COVID-19 forces your venue to temporarily close most wedding bands should be happy and able to postpone and hopefully re-book at a later date once you have a new wedding date sorted.
We’re very happy that so far, we’ve managed to re-book over 80% of our couples weddings affected by the coronavirus but it is really important you check your contract for these kinds of details so you are clued up and can stay positive!

Thankfully, we’re sure you only want to postpone your wedding but if you have to cancel or your band cancels, check your rights in the contract as, during a pandemic, a cancellation can sometimes be classed as a force majeure event and hopefully, your contract with your wedding band should explain yours and your band’s rights in that situation.

Terms and conditions and your consumer rights

Sadly, we have spoken to quite a few couples who’s wedding bands have left them very worried and with many unanswered questions during this time and the contracts they’ve had with them haven’t been of much use or unclear.

Contractual wording can be a total headache to read at the best of times but even if none of the above is the case for you, our second step would always be to have a look at your wedding bands website terms and conditions for further details and more clarification.

You can also contact the very helpful citizens advice bureau and the website has loads of useful information on consumer rights and contractual agreements. You will be an aficionado by the end of all this!

Speak to your wedding band

You may have already spoken to your band about your wedding being postponed or cancelled but we still suggest that step 3 is when you speak to your wedding band because it’s really important to understand you and your band’s rights before any proper conversations begin.
It’s a very stressful and uncertain time for both couples and live wedding bands right now and tempers and emotions can easily flair up. No one wants to say anything silly!

Just like all of ours, we assume that most wedding bands out there don’t want to have to cancel a booking with you unless it’s unavoidable. Almost all couples we speak to are really hoping their weddings can be postponed for late 2020 or 2021 rather than cancelled and just like ours, most wedding bands should be more than happy in trying to accommodate your new date.
This unnecessarily stressful process will become a lot less stressful and go much smoother if you are fully aware of yours and your band’s rights first.
This a really tough time for all of us out there right now so let’s all try and help each other and make life a little easier.

Picking a new wedding day or venue

Nobody thought they would have to be dealing with picking a new wedding day or venue this year but the coronavirus has made all couples across the world have to consider this unwelcome prospect. It’s been really upsetting speaking with truly distraught and shocked couples who are having to postpone or cancel their carefully planned, perfect wedding days.
However, if you don’t have to cancel your wedding entirely, step 4 is light at the end of the corona tunnel!

You’ve got steps 1, 2 and 3 out of the way, so with step 4, you can start chatting with your wedding band about new wedding dates. We know this isn’t how you saw your wedding panning out but at least your wedding is going to happen!

Based on all the up to date government advice and steps they are and will take plus our conversations with wedding venues, our wedding bands and all you bride and grooms out there, we estimate that weddings may be back in business come mid-September at the earliest but more likely October or November.

We know this isn’t the best news, but it is positive news and now is the time to start picking some new dates that work for you, your venue, your guests and all your suppliers.

We’re finding that couples are finding this quite understandably stressful to deal with, with quite a few having to look at new venues too, so we would recommend re-booking your wedding for 2021 to make life a little easier as wedding venues are mostly booked up for the last months of 2020 now.
In fact, most of our couples have opted to re-book for the same or similar date they already had but in 2021 and over 80% of our wedding bands have been available for all new dates. Once you have the new date or venue sorted with your wedding band, make sure your contact is updated!
We really hope everything is now sorted for you but if it isn’t, steps 5 and 6 will help solve that…

What if your live wedding band can’t make your new date

Yep, this had been a tough and stressful one for all of us to deal with. Trying to find a new date that everyone due to be at your wedding is available for is a hard task but step 5 is a simple if not perfect solution.

If you followed steps 1 and 2, you should now know if it’s possible to cancel your current wedding band because they aren’t available for your new wedding date.

Due to the coronavirus generally being classed as a force majeure event, you should be able to cancel with your band and although you could lose your deposit and obviously not have the band you’d set your heart on, you do now have the option to pick a brand spanking new wedding band. Maybe one that’s even better and more suited to your wedding, who knows!
There are loads of options out there and as a starting point, why not check out our select line up of live wedding bands?

Come and celebrate with Seventh Second!

The final step! If you are needing a new wedding band, why not come and speak to us?

We’ve been trusted by thousands of party animals for years for one main reason: when you speak to us, you speak directly to the musicians you’re looking to hire.

Speaking to couples every day has shown us how incredibly stressful the coronavirus pandemic has been and because we understand that many of you are losing deposits or having to incur new and unforeseen wedding expenses due to wedding rescheduling, we decided a great way to help you was to lower all our prices for the foreseeable future.
This way we hope having to pick a new wedding band is a tiny bit less stressful and a little bit more enjoyable and sets you back on the path to a fantastic wedding!

When you visit our site you will see videos, audio, photos, in-depth bios, booking options and loads of reviews from happy couples spanning years with our select line up of professional wedding bands. And of course, with us, you can speak to actual members of the bands so you feel safe, secure and get all the expert knowledge you need. In these uncertain times, we think that’s pretty essential!

“We wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic performance at our wedding on Saturday and how easy it was working with you and the band. We could not thank you enough and the setlist was spot on! The venue we used was so impressed by your band that they have asked for your details to include on their website. Thanks, everyone at Seventh Second! “
Meg and Tom Eustace – Wedding, Wessex

We really hope you’ve found this guide useful and hopefully, your wedding will be back on track in no time!

In the meantime, come and speak to us obligation-free or read our other guide on this topic here. We are open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 10 pm.
This awful coronavirus will pass and weddings will be back which is a good thing because we love performing for you all and want nothing more than to continue doing what we do best. That’s why we’ll always put you and your guests above all else. Come and celebrate with Seventh Second!

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