How to Prepare for the Perfect Honeymoon Abroad

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How to Prepare for the Perfect Honeymoon Abroad

Many brides dream of a honeymoon abroad, getting away with your spouse to spend some quality time in a dream destination that is outside of your ‘normal’. While a honeymoon abroad can be so enriching and special, it does require a bit more extra preparation than a honeymoon in your home country, whether you are an experienced traveller or not. After all, you want to do everything you can to set yourself up for the perfect honeymoon abroad!

Here are some ways you can prepare for the perfect honeymoon abroad:

Make a checklist of what to pack

Packing can be stressful… so do yourself a favour and make a checklist of what to pack beforehand! You can take pictures of the outfits you want to bring, and write down the essentials you’ll need to be sure they get packed!

To keep your outfits flawless, you should take a portable clothes steamer such as these from unclutterer.

Check all documents are in order

It is essential to have all necessary documents for your travels abroad. Each country requires something different so you’ll want to check for country-specific documents for a specific list. No matter where you’re off to, you’ll want to print your tickets (departure and return), reservations for where you’re staying, your passport and a copy of it, and your visa if required.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of those things that may seem unnecessary to purchase… until you really need it. Take the potential stress off by just buying travel insurance for your honeymoon. It covers you for lost luggage, medical emergencies, missed connections, etc.

Get a check-up at the doctor’s and create a list of allergies etc. to bring with you

Several weeks before departure, get a check-up at the doctor’s to see that you are healthy and ready for travel abroad. Remember to check for required vaccinations and immunizations you may need. If you have allergies and any specific health needs, create a list that you can take with you. Get this list translated to the local language of your destination, too!

Learn some local lingo

Speaking of the local language.. learn some local lingo before you go! For example, if you’re going to French Polynesia (truly, paradise on Earth and a renowned honeymoon destination!), learn some French before you go. You can use apps like Babbel, for example, to follow online French courses and boost your language skills so you can at the very least say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ during your travels. This will help you feel more connected to where you are visiting, too.

Prepare an itinerary but don’t overdo it

You don’t want to spend time planning your honeymoon while on your honeymoon. So prepare an itinerary, schedule activities you’d like to do ahead of time and have an idea of where you would like to eat out at and where you would like to see. This way, you can focus on spending quality time with your spouse and still see and do what you both would like to do while on your honeymoon.

Disconnect from technology

So many of us are attached to our smart devices these days.. but there is no time like your honeymoon to disconnect from technology. It will help you relax, leave work at work, and focus solely on celebrating with your spouse!

Budget in unexpected expenses

Like any trip, unexpected expenses on your honeymoon are to be expected- maybe even more so as you may want to indulge on an extra special dinner out or activity while you are in the moment. Budget accordingly so you don’t worry about the ‘can we or can’t we?’ and have some extra money you can play with! There is only so much you can plan for ahead of time, and having the budget for unexpected expenses will cover this as well as the potential for other travel mishaps.

Let the hotel know you are on honeymoon

The travel industry is well prepared to help honeymooners celebrate! Let the hotel or your place of accommodation know you are on a honeymoon and they might accommodate with you some extra touches to make your stay that much more special.

While you can prepare and do your best to set yourself up for the perfect honeymoon abroad, focus on enjoying the most special trip of your life and the start of your married life with your spouse!

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  • Aliança

    Hello, important tips, very good to warn before the hotel that is in Honeymoon, it will have a differential treatment, it will be even more special your trip, search a lot of the sights and select the best of the region, I loved the tips and I’m loving the blog .


  • Joyce

    On-point! Especially those last three suggestions. xx

  • Hannah Snowsill

    Planning a honeymoon can be super stressful and certain things on a checklist could be missed. This blog is really helpful!

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