Unique Wedding Rings: Introducing Northern Royal

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Unique Wedding Rings: Introducing Northern Royal

Northern Royal bloomed with one simple mission: Quality craftsmanship, modern convenience, unique designs, and most importantly, a variety of styles for every personality. They wanted to create a ring for the everyday husband, rather than for the large chain jewellery stores. A ring that could be different and special, just like your husband! One that everyone could afford, by cutting out the big box stores and focusing on people.

They offer a 90-day return and 120-day exchange/resizing policy which start when you receive your ring but reset again on your wedding day. In addition to a fabulous return and exchange policy, they also offer a lifetime warranty and free shipping and multiple different collections of unique wedding rings to suit your every need.

Variety of Styles Available

One of their most popular ring collections is the Outdoorsman Collection. The Outdoorsman range is imbued with the strength and natural beauty of koa wood for the man with a love of the forest and ocean. These wood rings are available in a combination of ceramic, tungsten, or titanium. Designed for everyday wear, but not just everyday wear: we are talking about the husband who is not afraid to use his hands. The woodsman, the carpenter, fisherman, farmer, or the one who is just rough with his hands and will likely forget to take his ring off. Shower with it or jump in a lake, these rings are 100% waterproof.

Made with Unique Koa Wood

The rings in their Outdoorsman collection are all made with Koa wood. Koa wood only grows on a few islands in the world, and Hawaii is one of them. The beautiful wood grains and the way the light reflects on the wood is stunning, making Koa wood one of the most beautiful hardwoods on the planet. 

While the wood they use is fantastic, it also doesn’t matter which metal you pick for your wooden ring. Whether it’s ceramic, tungsten, or titanium, all three have unprecedented durability. When we use the word durable, we are describing the ring’s resistance to accidents, such as when it is dropped, hit, scraped, or soaked in water. We’ve already mentioned that all of their wooden rings are 100% waterproof, but how resilient are they actually?

If you prefer a wooden ring with some weight to it, a tungsten ring would be a great choice. Tungsten is a very hard material, making it nearly scratch proof. Wooden rings crafted out of silver tungsten are the most durable and resilient, but black tungsten wooden rings are also a great choice for durability. Tungsten’s natural colour is a shade of grey, meaning in order to make a tungsten ring black, it has to go through a special plating process. The plating is difficult to scratch, but a silver tungsten ring will still be more resilient than a black tungsten ring. 

Northern Royal recommend picking a wooden ring that you feel comfortable with and that looks the best to you. They discourage picking a wooden ring over durability, because all three metals are very tough, and can withstand everyday wear.

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