5 Destination Wedding Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

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5 Destination Wedding Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life, hands down. Having it away from your home makes it even more special.

Destination weddings serve as a mini-holiday and a honeymoon at the same time. Not only can you extend the celebrations, but you can also have the most wonderful with your closest friends and family.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other reasons why you must consider a destination wedding for your big day. But with the whole world at your fingertips, where should you go?

Here are 5 destination wedding ideas you can’t go wrong with.

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Las Vegas

Sin City gives you the luxury wedding you’ve always wanted, but on a budget. You won’t spend anywhere near as much on your wedding in Vegas but you can still take advantage of the stunning hotels, gorgeous food, amazing nights and much much more. The whole wedding party is sure to have a blast here.

It’s also really easy to get married in Vegas. The countless chapels can take care of the entire day so you don’t feel the stresses that other couples face planning theirs. From the date and time to the party attire, the chapel will ensure you have everything for the big day. 

Then there’s the fact that a Las Vegas marriage license is easy to obtain and very affordable. Should you be that eager to tie the knot, you can get married right there on the spot!

In your downtime, head to the casinos for some fun, watch one of the many famous shows, take some stunning photos, the list goes on. The world is your oyster in Las Vegas.


Staying in the country, Chicago also makes for an incredible destination wedding idea. While it may not have the tropical climate or the glitz and glamour, Chicago holds its own in other ways. 

First, there’s the world-renowned Chicago skyline. The views are breathtaking and unlike anything, you’ll see in developed cities all over the world. Then there are the suburbs which are full of culture and unique architecture which draw tourists all year long. No doubt you’ll find a secret yet beautiful wedding location here.

And then there’s the Magnificent Mile, the city’s premier commercial district. From upscale fashion outlets and boutiques to fancy restaurants and hotels, there are all sorts to get excited about. Your guests will also have a great time too and thanks to the sheer variety of offerings, your wedding will live long in the memory. 


Now it’s time to look outside the four walls. Bali is a very popular destination wedding idea thanks to the clear-blue ocean views, extraordinary scenery and rich culture. The resorts are just like you would imagine them to; picturesque and not a cloud to be seen for miles.

The resorts will be more than happy to host your wedding and house your guests. Most will have rooms you can book at discounted rates and offer all-inclusive packages to ensure you have the most memorable experience, including the furniture, cake and live music. 

Bali is best for weddings in the dry season ie between May and August. It’s slightly cooler during this time of year too, so you can even have it outside, just like in the movies.

Now, it’s important to note that in order for you and your partner to get married in Bali, you must have a religious and civil ceremony. Most ceremonies combine the two together in recent times though but check with the wedding company just to be sure.

It’s a small hiccup to overcome, but it will be worth it. What better way to celebrate your marriage in an exotic location like Bali.


Want incredible weather, amazing scenery and tropical beaches? You don’t have to look too far away as Mexico can provide all this and a whole lot more. Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are two destination wedding hotspots, in particular, thanks to the beautiful natural backdrops that create some of the best photo spots on Earth.

Mexico is also home to plenty of all-inclusive resorts and hotels. The wedding industry is huge over there and the pricing certainly reflects this, with discounts readily available for wedding parties. Again, most of the popular resorts will cater to all your wedding needs so you’ll have all you need for the big day. All that’s left to do is kick back, relax and enjoy yourselves.

Like Bali, should also be aware of the local rules about getting married in Mexico. Depending on where you head, different states have different requirements. Just consult a local wedding planner for the details so you can follow all the required steps.

New Zealand

The final destination wedding idea you can’t go wrong with takes you to the other side of planet Earth. Once you see the pictures, you’ll be wondering why you never thought of it sooner.

The mountainsides, lakes and landscapes make it popular with not only tourists but hosts of filmmakers all eager to capture the exceptional surroundings. Open-air weddings are very popular in New Zealand too, only adding to the intrigue and possibilities. 

This is all before you even consider the charming vineyards, secluded beaches and infinite backdrops. Sure it may take a long time to get there, but as you can imagine, it’s worth every second.

Now, this may mean that you will have to pay out a little bit extra since it’s far away. The venues tend to be a little more expensive compared to other places on this list too as there are fewer restored and more bespoke spots.

However, the marriage process is more straightforward over there. Simply organize for a marriage license before you arrive by completing a Notice of Intended Marriage and posting it to the registry office closest to your chosen venue. 

Collect the license on your arrival, find someone approved to oversee the proceedings and you’re good to go.

Looking to plan a destination wedding? Follow the link to see lots of happy couples who married abroad!

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