5 Unconventional Wedding Themes For Those Who Are Anything But Basic!

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5 Unconventional Wedding Themes For Those Who Are Anything But Basic!

Big confession coming up – Men and women are both as nervous, neurotic, and excited as hell about weddings. The Big Day makes us want to yell, scream, and express ourselves like nothing else. But getting married to ‘The One’ does not have to be like anything else. If anything, it should be like nothing you’ve ever done!

Gone are the days when you had to begin the rest of your life with a partner in the traditional and accepted way. You, Mister, (or Madam) are the captain of your ship. A ship that can choose to sail to the location of your choice! Beyond the mystery and magic of weddings, if you are looking to have some fun, keep reading. We are about to put some great wedding ideas and wedding themes in your head.

#1 Feel The Chills: A Winter Wedding!

Summer nuptials are so 2019. Saying your vows in the snow with your favourite warm cocktails to go by is currently ‘in’! It is your childhood dream finally come true – you can opt for heavy linens, fairy lights adorning fir trees, tea lights, fascinating ambience, and live music to make it all better. Bold colour schemes and contrasting floral arrangements will create a perfectly satisfying wedding arrangement! 

Magical Woodland Wedding Inspiration

#2 Nature Trails: A Woodland Wedding!

A woodland wedding is a go-to alternative for all those couples who like the outdoors. Nature is calling, and you must go. Keeping in tune with the auspicious occasion, you can even glam up a chateau like any other wedding! Use the rustic outdoor setting to complement your decor. Elements like ivy, floral hoops, and succulents will help the arrangement stay true to this setting. Some minimal furniture, wine, and idyllic lights will ensure that you and your guests will never want to leave the otherworldly atmosphere!

Oh My Hero: Cool Cake Toppers Inspired by Iconic TV & Movie Characters

#3 May The Force Be With You (Both) -A Star Wars Wedding! 

All Sci-fiction fans huddle up. This one will satisfy the geek in you. Nothing magical and outer-worldly like recreating the faraway galaxy. From the food to the decor, everything can be inspired by this World. You can either pick a faraway lake or a hilly area in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and of course, lightsabers for everyone who shows up! 

You can have your vows read by the Jedi Master himself. If you guys want to go one step extra – How about cosplaying as your favourite characters for the dance after the vows – You know, Will you be the Anakin to my Padme? (P.S – We’ve got you all excited, haven’t we? We know what you’re thinking! How to change your name to Padme? We assure you, that’s possible too.)

#4 A Tale To Remember: Historic Wedding!

Weddings take you to a blissful future with your other half. But what if you could stay in the present while experiencing the past for a day? An incredible way to capture your Big Day is to spend time in medieval castles and structures. The ancient vibe of mystery, culture, and art adds more flavour to your union. Plus, you will require minimal decorations. Locations like The Stonehenge or The Warwick Castle are as aesthetic and picturesque as it gets!

#5 Your Favourite Sports Stadium

For the men and women who like to go over the top, this is your chance! Is it going to be Old Trafford or The Wembly? You take your pick! Ditch typical weddings and go overboard. After all, your life is never going to be the same again! You can have any theme to go with your marriage. Maybe a match later! And just like always, the best hot dogs, soft drinks, and some popcorn for the audience in the stands! (To begin with) 


Weddings are works of art in themselves. A well-planned wedding is more than the presentation, architecture, and the backdrop. It is a promise to be synonymous with your partner and celebrate in unison. Whether you are under the stars or on top of Scafell Pike, plan your wedding well because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Hopefully, you have got some ideas to execute this unique day of unity! What are some of your favourite ideas from the above list?

image 1: photography by nikki vandermolen / image 2: photography by sarita white photography / image 3: photography by oh my hero / image 4: photography by one thousand words

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