How To Create a Covid-Approved Wedding: Expert Tips From Wedding Planner La Fête

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How To Create a Covid-Approved Wedding

**Please consider that rules are constantly changing and that at the time of writing this, I am basing my information and advice on the current UK Government guidelines. Please keep an eye on them or your local guidelines.

Deciding who makes the guest list

As it currently stands, 15 guests are allowed at a wedding, so make the most of these! By experience, you get to 15 guests very quickly, so make sure to start with the closest and dearest: parents, siblings and bridal party. I personally am recommending against grandparents or older relatives, simply because of their age. They are most often more susceptible to being in the vulnerable population in regards to COVID-19.

How to give your guest list the chop

This is something that I have extensively been asked about and to be honest, as cheesy as it sounds, honesty is the best policy. Everyone is aware of the current situation, and everyone is particularly understanding. Whether you have already invited more people than the final 15, or if you simply want to let extended friends and family that you would normally have invited, there is a simple and lovely way to let them know: call them. Whether it’s by Zoom, or by phone, make sure you personally reach out to each of them and explain the situation. You can soften the blow by explaining that you will be having a digital connection on the day of the wedding. See in the next point.

Digital connection

This is the perfect compromise for all those loved ones that you cannot invite, and especially for elderly close family members that just cannot come. There are so many options available now to make sure that your ceremony is streamed to all your guests via Zoom so that they are somehow part of the big day. I would recommend having someone manage it for you. You want it done properly and tested, so make sure you do it properly.

Saying I do

The ceremony itself will obviously be very different from what we are all used to. But make sure to still try and stick to what you had originally planned, or were planning on doing. It’s as simple as spacing out people or making sure that family bubbles are seated next to each other in clusters. In terms of format, you should be able to go ahead with what you had planned, but don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure that you are clear on everything.


You may have already planned a part of your décor, or have had a list of things you wanted or even a plethora of mood boards. Whatever your system, you can still have it all! Most suppliers are up and running again and so excited to be working with you again. So, whether it’s a ceiling of flowers, a staircase of balloons, an entrance full of props of whatever your imagination has floating around – do it! Do not downsize your wedding to the point where it no longer is your wedding. It can only but blow away your guests, and it will be fabulous for your pictures. Just think of that gorgeous flower arch at Princess Beatrice’s Lockdown wedding!

Spacing between seats

So, technically, here is one where you need to take everything into account at the moment of the wedding. If by the time you read this and receptions are allowed, make sure that you abide by the rules. I would recommend long tables, where seats can easily be spaced out and where the width of the table acts as that 1m distance. Make sure to fill out the spacing with décor, or flowers, so that the separation is clear. But, everything should be lower than eye-level so that your guests can still chat.

Rearranging tables

You will also need to check this one at the time of your actual wedding, but following on from above, I would say that if you have family bubbles, make sure to seat them together if you can, as they can be seated closer to each other. You could also maybe cluster families on their own tables? This will make it feel more like a normal wedding reception.

Wedding website

This is always handy, but nowadays, even more useful, given the changing times. Make sure that all your guests are aware that you will be posting updates and information regularly here for them to refer to. Make sure to let people know what you will be providing in terms of hygiene, masks, etc. or what your guests need to bring for themselves.


I have always been a fan of gifts that are actually useful on the day of the wedding and afterwards, and now, more than ever, I believe that this should be the case! This is your chance to have a selection of beautiful face masks (I would recommend against personalised wedding ones, as your guests won’t be able to use them afterwards) – make them in lovely cotton fabrics that match your colour scheme. Mini antibacterial gel bottles and any other COVID-19 related gadgets are welcome right now.


This is obviously something that your suppliers will guide you through, especially your planner or your caterer. There are legislations in place, and these, as before, will be changing as we continue to navigate this situation. I would recommend doubling up your “welcome to the wedding” sign as an automatic hand gel dispenser for example. People are now used to this and will feel very comfortable with this. Have a basket of confetti and next to it a mask basket. I would have someone managing these and asking people to pick up the first one and not shuffle through them to pick. Make sure that you have gel across the venue, and readily available, on top of your usual normal health and safety measures.

I would like to thank bespoke wedding & event planners La Fete for this very helpful and informative post regarding holding a covid restricted wedding.

Images by Ilaria Petrucci Photography / Flowers by Iris & Co

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    It must be heartbreaking for these couples who have put everything into planning their wedding to make it a magical day, and they have had to drastically change their plans with all that is going on right now.

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