4 Unexpected Wedding Trends you can Expect to see in 2021

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4 Unexpected Wedding Trends you can Expect to see in 2021

As the global pandemic has spanned most of 2020, no industry has been left untouched by its effects. One which has been turned upside down is the wedding industry. In fact, at one point, it was at a standstill.

As time moves on, slowly we’re seeing that love isn’t cancelled and weddings are happening. Albeit not how they were originally planned. In fact, we seem to have pushed the reset buttons on what a wedding looks like. Weddings have evolved greatly over hundreds of years, and 2021 is set to see some greater changes.

Intimate day

Weddings vary greatly in sizes and while some dream of the big day with all of their favourite people, other’s dream of just saying “I do” alone. Different wedding sizes include:

Eloping (just the couple)

Small weddings (up to 50 guests)

Medium weddings (up to 150 guests)

Large weddings (over 150 guests)

In 2020 once the wedding ban was lifted, couples were allowed to get married in the presence of 30 people. While some opted to cancel or postpone, there have been some to go ahead, with one groom saying “[the wedding] allowed us to have that sense of certainty and continuity at a time when everything is so uncertain.”

While we’re not expecting large weddings to cease to exist, this situation has put into perspective who to invite. If, for example, you’re on a budget, there’s less pressure to have a big wedding with a sit-down dinner and third cousins you’ve never met in attendance.

The great outdoors

After seeing the effects lockdown had on the environment, in the UK and around the world, we can expect there to be a growth in more outdoor, sustainable weddings. Outdoor weddings have been on the increase in recent years with boho-chic themes popping up. Wedding favours such as plants or seeds will be popular.

Don’t think outdoor weddings need to sacrifice on a luxurious vibe either; you can get amazing venues such as tipis, gazebos or even under the sun with a flower arch. For guest amenities, you can also opt for luxury portable toilets so you don’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your day.


Just like how people are going to be paying closer attention to who they’re inviting to their big day, how their guests are treated will be at the forefront of 2021 weddings.

Little touches such as personalised coat hangers, and champagne flutes are popular for members of the bridal party, but there is a rise in personalised touches for guests to show how much they mean to you. These can be personalised cookies as favours or a keepsake engraved name place.

Support small and British

2020 saw a time where we all pulled together to get through an unprecedented time. We stood at the door and applauded our key workers. It’s shown us how important it is to support local businesses with a ‘made in Britain’ seal of approval.

Choosing a venue in the UK is a great start, but it could be choosing British designers for the dress or suits or even supporting an independent wedding stationery business.

image credits – unsplash

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  • Jason Moody

    I think outdoor weddings have been on the up for a while now. Although it can be difficult planning with the great British weather there are just so much more fun things you can do when no longer bound by the confines of an hotel.

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