2021 Wedding Dress Collection: Sands by Liz Martinez

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Liz Martinez’s 2021 wedding dress designs capture the essence of feminine sophistication, independence and freedom, with a collection of sheer and flowy looks that are both classic and forward-thinking.

Sands was inspired by the desert terrain of her native Israeli home, a landscape that’s both timeless and forever changing.

2021 Wedding Dress Collection

While each dress exudes luxury and glamour, each look also embodies simplicity and grace, a unique combination that quickly established Liz Martinez as a designer worth noting in the world of bridal fashion wear for over a decade now.

Liz’s intuitive sense of style is prevalent throughout her current and past bridal collections. With Sands, she’s taken her designs a step further with the use of sheer and flowy fabrics; a dreamy palette of ivory, cream, blush and nude; and an array of beaded hand embroidery, lace, crystals and pearls.

Emanating the colours and textures of the Israeli desert, while embracing the idea that elegance can also be fun and youthful, Liz Martinez’s latest collection attracts women whose fashion sensibilities align with their independent and adventurous spirit.

Sands by Liz Martinez

Like the grains of desert sand, each one is so gorgeously timeless and unique. Collection Description: Warm winds, sandstone valleys, and lush clay terrains, the vast Israeli desert-inspired LizMartinez’s most recent bridal collection, Sands.

The desert is covered in millions of grains of sand. Each one is special, unique, timeless and eternal. Like meeting the person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with, that first glance, that first embrace when you immediately knew you could hold on to that person forever.

The desert is a journey inwards, as much as it is a journey into the unknown, like taking that leap of faith with the person you love. The desert contains our history, heritage and ancestry, it also contains the promise of our future, hopes and dreams.

We’re thrilled to invite you to the new Sands Collection, 17 unique and breathtaking gowns, that reflect the strength, beauty and uniqueness of the Israeli desert.

And it’s our hope that each woman who wears them feels empowered, bold and elegant, on the day she celebrates the beginning of her journey of everlasting love.


To find out more about this incredibly gorgeous collection, or find a stockist… head on over to Liz Martinez Bridal.


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