Here’s How You Can Repurpose Your Wedding Decor With These Cool Ideas

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The wedding season has finally kicked in! And sure, you must have a room full of decors that will adorn your beautiful wedding venue or are already done with their task. So, now that you have all your wedding decor ready or are already done with your wedding ceremony and reception, it is time to think of all the ways you can repurpose your wedding decor and give it a second life!

Here’s how:

Floral arrangements

Flowers add a suggestive touch of elegance to wedding venues and are a perfect example of how to repurpose your wedding decor. From table centrepieces to dining pavilion canopy and aisle side vases, flowers may add up to be the bulk of your wedding decor that you would like to be reused. Apart from maybe using them again at your reception party, you can hand out the flowers as parting gifts to all your esteemed guests and even staff members who helped you manage your big day. They always certainly do love the gesture!

You can also bring some of the flowers to your home and nurse them to life using flower growth formulas. Another way to repurpose your flowers is by casting them in resin and making pendants, other jewellery, mirror or picture frames, accessories, bookmarks, and much more!

Get canvases

If you had a photo booth at your wedding or if you portrayed your pre-wedding journey with your soulmate on your wedding day, you can create great home decor pieces from those pictures.

Collect all the images from your photo booth, and get them made into custom canvas prints that are hand-stretched by CanvasPop. You will just need to upload the pictures, choose custom sizes, assess the digital print, and have your repurposed wedding decor canvases delivered to you at home!

You can display the canvases along with your original wedding day photo booth props for the whole vibe!

Decorative vases

Now that the contents of the vases are reused and recycled, it is time for the vases to be homed for a beautiful, ornate look. Considering your wedding venue vases were not rented, you can position them in your home for various purposes.

Round bowls used for centrepiece flower arrangements at weddings can be used as flower bowls and jewellery catchers. Bigger vases can be used in your dining room, bedrooms, or maybe even in your bathroom if you have a lavish bathroom area!

Vases positioned using the odd number rule on side tables in the foyer or near a window look exceptionally beautiful!

String lights and lamps

A lighted reception area with string lights, paper lamps, or lighted fountains looks like a scene taken directly from a fairytale book. But now that your reception is over, bring those lights home and let the fairy tale continue!

A light string canopy in your backyard will look absolutely gorgeous, especially for the late evening dinners you will have with your new family and mutual friends. Use the paper lamps in your front yard trees or the driveway to cheer you up every time you come home and relish in post-marital bliss. Lighted fountains look magnificent in your porch garden or makeup as great terrace lighting!

Props and signage

There may be too many adorable wedding props at your wedding, such as ‘happily ever after,’ ‘Mr. And Mrs.’ and ‘newlywed,’ etc. You can bring all this home and display it along with your wedding pictures. You can also place them on your bedside stand, in a showcase, or wherever they look the loveliest!

The props will provide a lovely backdrop for all your family pictures that you will click throughout your married life. If ever possible, you can even use these for the weddings of your children and longingly look back on how the time unfolded!

Another option is to attach these to your wedding picture frames themselves or construct a big wooden frame strand, pin all the props and signage on it, along with polaroid pictures of your wedding. Switch the polaroids over the years and have a family timeline!

Rugs and carpets

If you went all out on your wedding day and opted for chic rugs instead of overused wedding venue carpets, you can totally incorporate them into your home decor. Mostly, any carpet will look marvellous in your house and enhance the decor by 100%.

You can place rugs in your dining area underneath the dining table or in your living room under the coffee table. A furniture set that matches the vibe of these rugs will look phenomenal when paired together! A carpet lining the foyer or the entrance will look regal, too!

Candles and tea lights

If you opted for flamed lighting styles such as candles and tea lights, and if they did not burn out completely, bring them home and use them for all your special, romantic days.

Take half-burned candles, cut the wax into small pieces, and melt them in a double boiler. Now pour them into candle moulds, add essence and colour if you wish, and use them for soothing baths, romantic late-night dinners, or if ever power goes out.

Similarly, fish out all the remaining wax from tea light containers, melt it and fill the tea light containers again. Use new candle wicks to provide long life to your wedding candles, or use the wax in more ways than one!

Donate your wedding decor

Though you will not be repurposing the wedding decor yourself someone else can and cherish the lovely elegance of your decor. You can make someone’s day by giving your beautiful decor away as someone with little to no means can then have a wedding beyond their wildest dreams.
If you do not wish to donate it, you can list the pieces on sale and get some of the value back!

And remember to make sure you have fun reminiscing when you repurpose your wedding decor.

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