Straight From the Heart: How to Compose the Perfect Wedding Gift Message

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Straight From the Heart: How to Compose the Perfect Wedding Gift Message

The big day is finally approaching. Someone from your circle of acquaintances is getting married and has invited you to be their wedding guest. You’ve finally chosen what to wear but composing the perfect wedding gift message seems to be an art that eludes you.

Sounds familiar? Then keep on reading as we’ll let you in on the proper wedding etiquette essentials!

An opportunity to show how much they mean to you

Before unwrapping the gift, the gift tag is the first thing they’ll look at. In a nutshell, this is the point where you should touch upon how much they mean to you and wish them a pleasant and prosperous future. Although the core principle is simple, it’s much harder to nail it in practice, as simply writing “I wish you two stay happily married” or something similar won’t get the job done if you want to stand out.

In a sea of wedding gifts, make sure yours stands out, and it all starts with the wedding tag.


The message should reflect what you’ve given them

There are no one-size-fits-all wedding messages, and the exact details of its structure should reflect what you’ve given them. Let’s imagine the groom is a young male who’s recently entered the corporate world or attained a praiseworthy status in an organization. To provide some thought and value, you’ve selected an Audemars Piguet watch as the perfect wedding gift due to it both fitting the situation and portraying you in a good light. In this case, including something along the lines of “may this nifty little gadget serve you well as you climb the ladder of success” is both witty as well as thoughtful and therefore something they’re bound to remember.

Being open-hearted and personal is the way to go

It’s hard to give a concrete example here, but at the same time, this is also a good hint all in of itself. To elaborate, ask yourself what you would say when talking to them. The idea is to make it so signature-you and recognizable that the recipient would know it’s from you even if you chose not to include the signature. So, take a deep thought dive, do some self-reflection and come up with the answer only you can provide. Is there a word you tend to use frequently? Perhaps an idiom or something similar? Be sure to find a way to let that important part of your personality in somehow.

Be careful not to sound corny or overly sentimental

Warning: being overly sentimental, corny, or resorting to cliches is your #1 enemy. Unless, of course, it’s the way you’re being all the time and is a natural part of your personality (as we’ve discussed in the paragraph above). But in 99% of all cases, going overboard with this tends to have the undesired effect of coming across as insincere.

Find a way to sneak in a joke

If it’s appropriate, try to sneak in a joke. Maybe something along the lines of “Remember the time when X and Y happened? Well, now you won’t have to do that anymore” or a similar approach. Bonus points if you can thematically tie it in to what you’re actually giving them.

General themes that serve as the building blocks for the message

In case you’re fresh out of ideas, start with the basic themes and build it out from there. Things like wealth, health, prosperity, and love are your go-to’s. Be sure to mix in some secondary themes such as fun, laughter, going on a journey together, or perhaps even this being a new chapter in their life and you’ll be off to a good start.


Now that you know the gist of it, it’s time to get creative! Before you put these core principles to a good use, there’s one final thing to consider; namely, the level of formality. In short, try to keep it casual unless the wedding is meant to be taken very traditionally and seriously or has religious undertones.

Best of luck and may inspiration guide you!

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