Mens Suits: Things to Consider When Dressing Your Gorgeous Groom!

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For the groom, his wedding day is one of the most important of his life. Naturally, he wants to look as good as possible in his chosen wedding suit.

Every groom wants to please his bride, and make sure that the photos of the day do not make him cringe with embarrassment because of the way he was dressed. When buying the groom’s outfit there are a few important things that need to be borne in mind, which we have outlined for you below.

Personal taste is an important consideration

The groom needs to feel comfortable in what he is wearing. He needs to be confident about the way he looks so that he can truly relax and enjoy the day.

Not all men would feel comfortable wearing something unusual like a kilt, or tails. This needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the overall look and style of the wedding.

A flattering cut

Likewise not every man looks good in the same cut of suit. For example, it is best for shorter men to avoid wearing high button jackets. They also need to be careful about wearing frock coats or tails.

It is possible for shorter men to wear this style of suit, but it needs to carefully tailored. The tails need to be shortened, which usually means you will have to buy the suit rather than hire one.

The theme of the wedding

The groom’s outfit needs to look right with what the bride is wearing. In some cases, it can be as simple as making sure that the groom wears a suit in a colour that complements the bride’s outfit.

Little touches like using a flower that is the same as the bouquet also helps.

Quality matters

It is especially important to buy a suit and accessories that are made from high-quality materials. The groom needs to look good all day.

Cheaper, thinner fabrics are far more likely to crease, which means by the end of the day the groom can end up looking a little unkempt.

A proper fit

Regardless of the style of suit the groom chooses he has to make sure that the fit is perfect. There are some really nice off the peg suits available, and this can be a very economical way of buying the groom´s wedding attire.

However, when you buy in this way, you should always factor in the cost of employing a tailor to make adjustments.

It really is worth paying a little extra to get the fit right. Employing a tailor to make the necessary adjustments ensures that the groom will feel comfortable and have the freedom of movement he needs.


It is important to choose an outfit that is versatile enough to take center through the whole day. He needs to look just as good in the shirt and trousers as he does when he is wearing the jacket and waistcoat.

That way, if he wants to he can remove his jacket without feeling self-center.

Following these simple tips will make it easier to buy a suitable outfit for the groom. In addition, knowing what you are looking for should speed up the shopping process.


images by blue colbri from this real nature inspired wedding

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