MUSE! A Fashion-Forward Bridal Line By BERTA

Saying ‘i do’ in 2017 or 2018?

If so, then you NEED to check out this gorgeous fashion-forward bridal line from iconic wedding dress designer Berta Bridal. To say that they are all hella-pretty is the biggest understatement of the new year so far.

Prepare yourself for a full-on wedding-fest pretty-party…

MUSE! A Fashion-Forward Bridal Line By BERTA

MUSE is a new fashion-forward bridal line from world renowned designer –BERTA.

True to the BERTA aesthetics and cut, the MUSE creations are made from the finest materials and are all 100% handmade by the most talented of craftsmen.

The uniqueness of the line is the fact that it is more on the boho-vintage kind of look, more tuned down in design, and still equally as beautiful.

What Berta sought to achieve with MUSE is a more natural kind of beauty, more simplified, with an intent to complete the women’s own style and only accentuate it.

The collection includes lots of warm colours, soft materials and a mixture of both fitted and flowy designs.

Can’t get enough of the beautiful Berta bridal gowns? Check out this gorgeous Berta bride we featured not so long ago.

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  • Nakkase

    Wooow beatiful.

  • Jeane

    There are a few that would be nice for a typical wedding but honestlt, most are suited more for an “adult ” wedding where some if not most are in the porn or adult fantasy industry.

  • Beacon Hill

    That is gorgeous <3

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