Lovely Soft Lavender Wedding Inspiration

Lavender is as much a heady scent as it is a soft colour palette, isn’t it? And this week we have collated some of the loveliest lavender wedding inspiration we could find in its honour. It doesn’t get much lovelier than lavender fields in Summer, and it’s hard to beat as a floral backdrop for your wedding.

There are some stunning lavender fields near where I am from, and rather like the bluebells in the Spring, people flock from far and wide to walk through the rows of gorgeous purple this time of year. The photos have been popping up on my social media feed all week, so I had to create an inspiration board to match. Now, we all love lavender, but how and why would you use this as a wedding palette?

The wonderful thing about lavender is its scale. Its small delicate flowers can be added to almost anything; light lavender notes in your bouquet; tied onto your place names; laid across a table. But it gets really pretty when you set it against a lavender backdrop, with big swathes of its colour. I love the way the colour of a lavender field falls away out of focus into the distance of a photograph. A lavender field setting is the most incredible way to incorporate an OTT yet completely effortless floral colour palette and backdrop into your wedding. Keep those little touches throughout the rest of your styling, for sure. But find a way to use it in much bolder and larger ways. This colour has been confined to the two or three lavender stem detailing for too long. Go big with it, and stick to the slightly pinker tones to keep it contemporary.

image source / image 1: photography by The Ganeys / image 2: photography by Saya Photography / image 3: photography by Eva Tarnok / image 4: photography by The Ganeys / image 5: photography by Cassi Claire / image 6: photography by The Ganeys  / image 7: photography by Eva Tarnok / image 8: photography by Cassandra Lane / image 9: photography by Cassi Claire / image 10: photography by The Ganeys / image 11: photography by Eva Tarnok / image 12: photography by Cassi Claire / image 13: photography by The Ganeys / image 14: photography by Cassandra Lane image 15: photography by Eva Tarnok / image 16: photography by Saya Photography / image 17: photography by Leo Skachov / image 18: photography by Eva Tarnok

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  • Gemma

    A lovely set of photos, lavender fields look so pretty this time of year <3

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