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Victoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
Have you had a good day my loves? It may just be about to get even better, well definitely a whole lot prettier anyway!!
The Millésime collection by Victoria Mary Vintage is simply breathtaking! Each handmade piece oozes glamour and femininity ~ perfect for making you feel like the million dollar girl on your big day. So sit back, relax and get ready to fall in love with the beauty of these French couture inspired headdresses, bridal caps, sashes and jewellery.
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ I set up Victoria Mary Vintage after I married in December 2009.
 Millesime Vintage Sparkle Floral Leaf Comb-2
My wedding day look was very vintage and I really wanted to keep the vintage look going throughout my accessories.
Victoria Mary Vintage: Millésime
I was wearing my grandmother’s pearls (a gorgeous double row of them!) and combed antique sales until  found the perfect pair of vintage rhinestone chandelier earrings.
Millesime Vintage Milliners Velvet Leaf Headdress-1
Millesime Vintage Milliners Sparkle Headdress-4
I then made my hair comb to match using a vintage rhinestone leaf brooch, accented with small pearls and swarovski crystals.
Millesime Vintage Milliners Sparkle Headdress-3
Soon after that friends were asking me to design their wedding jewellery and headpieces, so I launched my business in early 2010 selling a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces – tiaras, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings…
Millesime Vintage Milliners Lace and Velvet Bridal Cap-3Millesime Vintage Milliners Lace and Velvet Bridal Cap-1
I have been making jewellery in one form or another for my whole life, so I adore now being able to make bespoke handmade wedding jewellery for brides.
Millesime Vintage Lace NecklaceVictoria Mary Vintage ~ MillésimeVictoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
I love the the look of vintage jewellery – there is something just so glamorous about it, when the shiny newness has worn off leaving just the well-worn sparkle.
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ MillésimeVictoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
And I love thinking of the history of a piece of jewellery – isn’t it fabulous that the brooch that’s been refashioned into your bridal headband was perhaps once worn on a gorgeous dress to a decadent party in the 20’s?
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
As a whole, my business is inspired by the feminine glamour of the 20th century leading up to the early 60’s, and the care that women took in how they dressed themselves – making sure their lipstick was perfect and their hat, shoes and handbag matched before going out; their hair was always neat, and it was perfectly acceptable to wear little gloves wherever you went.
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
I like to think the jewellery I create will make the women who wear it on their wedding day feel just as beautiful and feminine, and will give them something gorgeous to treasure long after their wedding day.
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ MillésimeVictoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
I have just released my new collection, Millésime. Inspired by the romance of days gone by and timeless, feminine French couture, the range is a 46-piece collection of statement headdresses, bridal caps, sashes and jewellery.
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ MillésimeVictoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
Millésime, nine months in the making, is the leading range for Victoria Mary Vintage offering beautiful handmade bridal accessories with soft millinery and floral influences and a hint of Jazz Age sparkle.
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
Victoria Mary Vintage ~ MillésimeVictoria Mary Vintage ~ Millésime
Thanks so much for sharing Vicky I LOVE this collection! What do you think ladies? Mesmerisingly pretty or what?

Accessories: Victoria Mary Vintage
Hair: Haley King at
Makeup: Calvin Todd-Heppell at Visage de la Mode
Paper Bouquets: Paper Me Happy
Model: Lora Hayes
Styling Assistant: Anna from Far From the Wedding Crowd
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  • Terry Lee

    Gorgeous design. I hope to photograph a wedding with a vintage theme one day…

  • Reply

    Thanks so much for featuring my collection Sonia! Hannah’s photos look so beautiful put together here!

  • Hannah Mia

    Oh, how lovely to see my photos here! And how incredible are Vicky’s designs? They make me want to get married and make the whole thing art deco themed so Vicky can design everything for me…! x

    • Sonia

      Thank you Hannah & Vicky for sharing something so beautiful on my blog :) XxX

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